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Release date: June 2002 (
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Throne is a red, royal-monarch style chair first released in 2002 by Sulake. The Throne was one of the first Rares to be released by Habbo as a present from ex-Hotel Manager Ione who, at the time, was celebrating her birthday. The Throne was only one of three gifts given out by her with the other two being the Russian Samovar and the Holoboy (originally named the Holopod before the introduction of the Hologirl); both of which still remain on the hotel today and were once similarly valued to Thrones. Thrones were also involved in the Samovar Crisis on the British version of Habbo Hotel.

Thrones are often used by Habbo players to symbolise their wealth and were once very popular in Casinos before the Gambling Ban on (International). On Habbo, and formally Habbox, other furniture items are often valued using the price of a Throne.

The Throne, alongside other Rares such as the Dragon Egg, is also a highly popular item used by players experimenting with recolours. This is where a user will manipulate the colour of a furniture item and change it to something different. Various recolours and edits include Halloween, Pokemon and Simpson themed Thrones.


  • - Given to Ione as a birthday gift during June 2002
  • - Sold in the catalogue during June 2004
  • - Sold in the catalogue during September 2004
  • - Sold in the catalogue during prize during June 2005
  • - Sold in the catalogue during April 2006
  • - Sold in the catalogue during February 2007
  • - Sold in the catalogue during May 2007 (Norway National Day)

It was also released in the catalogue on,, and It was also released as a competition prize on,,,,, and However, the dates are unknown.