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Super Rares
Release date Unknown

Super Rares are furni items that are above 500 to 5000 credits or less than 100 observable examples in the hotel. For the purpose of this article, this page reflects on what is found on Most of these items were released under these conditions: competition prize, accidental release, staff gift, compensation, promotional, and/or Scripted items, which are later adopted by Habbo Staff. Untradeable and/or Promotional items that are in the possession of regular users will be included in this article. Although they hold no value, they can be classified under Super Rares or Ultra Rares depending on observable examples since they were achieved through the above conditions.

The only items excluded from this list include:

Please see Ultra Rares for furni items that are above 5000 credits or less than 20 observable examples in the hotel.

Super Rares

The following items are classified as Super Rares.

Name Image Description
Golden Dragon Gold dragon lamp 2.gif Scary and scorching!
Silver Dragon Lamp Silver dragon lamp.gif Scary and scorching!
Bronze Dragon Lamp Bronze dragon lamp.gif Scary and scorching!
Maroon Dragon Lamp Maroon Dragon Lamp.gif Scary and scorching!
Diamond Dragon Lamp Diamond dragon.png A dragon representing good fortune
Pink Smoke Machine Pink smoke machine.gif Retro-mystification
Violet Smoke Machine Violet smoke machine.gif Something fishy is going on...
Doric Pink Marble Pillar Doric pink marble pillar.gif Ancient and stately
White Marquee White marquee.gif A door and a sunshade in one furni!
Purple Ice Cream Maker Purple Ice Cream Maker 2.png Virtual vanilla rocks!
Pink Ice Cream Maker Pink ice cream maker.gif Virtual vanilla rocks!
Choco Ice Cream Maker Choco ice cream maker.gif Virtual vanilla rocks!
Time Machine SteamTimeMachine.png
Steampunk Gramophone SteamGrammophone.png
Steampunk Zeppelin SteamZepplin.png
Steam Punk Guitar Steampunk Guitar.gif
Yellow Powered Fan Yellow powered fan.gif Turn it on and enjoy the cool breeze
Black Giant Pillow Black giant pillow.gif Pluffy, soft and huge
Turquoise Giant Pillow Turquoise giant pillow.gif Pluffy, soft and huge
Army Sleeping Bag Army sleeping bag.gif Ultimate coziness
Lime Sleeping Bag Lime sleeping bag.gif Ultimate coziness
Gold Habbo Trophy Gold Habbo Trophy 2.PNG Gold Habbo trophy
Silver Habbo Trophy Silver habbo trophy.gif Silver Habbo trophy
Bronze Habbo Trophy Bronze habbo trophy.gif Bronze Habbo trophy
2009 Habbo Trophy 2009 Habbo Trophy.PNG Winner of a 2009 Habbo of the Year competition.
Duo Bubbles Trophy Duo Bubbles Trophy.png Glittery gold
Golden Man-Eating Plant Trophy Golden Man-Eating Plant Trophy.PNG For being a world-class breeder! Oh yeah, baby...
Gold Hotel Prize Trophy Large prizetrophy hotel1.png For bright-shining stars such as you!
Golden EMA Trophy Golden EMA Trophy.PNG Winner of the Golden MTV EMA Awards!
Emerald Trophy Emerald Trophy.png For building an awesome room!
Amber Floor Rug Rug yellow 3.gif Available in a variety of colours
Army Plasto Chair Army plasto chair.gif Hip plastic furniture
Parasol (White Parasol) Green Parasol.png Zon! Zon! Zon!
poster_0_name Noble and Silver Present2.png poster_0_desc
ads_campguitar Ads campguitar.gif shuubiduubi
Talk To FRANK Brain Lamp Frank brain2.gif Look after your brain - Talk To FRANK
Aqua Slurpee Machine Aqua Slurpee Machine.gif
Blueberry Slurpee Machine Blueberry Slurpee Machine.gif Mmmm... Brainfreeze!!!
Pink Slurpee Machine Pink Slurpee Machine.gif
Idea Agency Teleporters Idea Agency Tele2.gif Whatever your Idea, its better out than in.
Ads1800_tele Ads 1800tele.png
Big Ruby Big Ruby.png Game prize worth 200 credits
Small Ruby Small Ruby.png Game prize worth 75 credits
Big Sapphire Big Sapphire.png Worth 240 Credits
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire.png Worth 120 Credits
Diamond Duck Diamond Duck.png Worth 750 Credits
Emerald Duck Emerald Duck.png Worths 350 Credits
Emerald Ring Emerald Ring.png Worth 100 Credits
Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace.png Worth 250 Credits
Big Ol' Gem Big Ol' Gem.png Worth 500 Credits
Classic Crown Classic Crown.png Worth 1000 Credits
Ornate Crown Ornate Crown.png Worth 2500 Credits
Platinum Bar Platinum.png Worth 500 Credits!
Gold Bullion Gold Bullion.png Worth 300 Credits
2016 Bubble Juice 2016 bubble juice.gif A flawless Habbo vintage.
Crystal Skull CrystallSkull.png Worth 350 Credits
Purple Skull Credit Furni Purple Skull Credit Furni.png The ULTIMATE Habbocalypse souvenir.
Viking Loot Viking Loot.png Worth 500 Credits
Coin Suitcase Coin Suitcase.png Worth 1500 Credits
Piggy Pirate Flag Piggy Pirate Flag.png Now you've seen everything. Pigs are flying!
Ditch The Label Flag Machine Ads dtlrare.png Spreading equality, one flag at a time...
Le Diner Diner poster.png Food's Up!
Map of Finland Gallery r2.gif You know where to put it.
Totem Spirit Head Totem Head.png Which animal are you? 2/3 of the Totem - May 2009
Light Blue Hippo Light blue hippo.png January 2015
Red Hippo Red hippo.png January 2015
Bluesky Hippo Bluesky hippo.png February 2015
Purple Hippo Purple hippo.png June 2015
Chlorophyll Hippo Chlorophyll.png October 2015
Pear Tree Eco tree pear 001.gif You'll want a pair of these...
Habbowood Chair Habbowood Chair.gif
Blue Submarine Blue Submarine.png We all live in a...
Ultramarine Ultramarine.gif We all live in a...
Turquoise Laser Portal Turqoise laser portal.gif Energy beams. No trespassers!

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