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Shell Collector XX.

Seashells were a type of currency, similar to Pixels and Credits, that were awarded to users who completed Shell Quests during Summer 2011. Quests ran daily during the 60-day event, with new quests becoming available every 20 hours upon completion of the previous quest. They were introduced as a tertiary currency and could be used to purchase a limited furniture series called Shell Gifts. Seashells, similar to Pixels and other campaign currency, were untradeable and could only be obtained through the completion of the quests. Like Snowflakes, Seashells were displayed in the top right corner of the screen and could be spent for the duration of the promotion.

After the promotion ended on October 17th, 2011, the Shell Gifts section of the Catalogue was removed and users' shells were wiped, even if they were unspent. During the event, new Achievements was created for users who completed the daily quests. Habbos who completed the majority of the Shell quests were eventually awarded the level 20 Shell Collector badge.

Shell Gifts

Seashell Gifts were rewards redeemed with seashell points of the promotion during summer 2011. The season included furniture, quests and competitions. There were numerous items you could redeem with your seashells and you gained them by completing the everyday quests set.

Some items only cost Seashell points which indicated that they wouldn't be tradeable if bought but some such as the Rare Sea Throne and Ice Cream Trolley were tradeable in the range. They were available for purchase over the duration of summer and many speculated whether or not the Rare Sea Throne would be worth the value in the future. With it being one of the most popular Shell Gift and one that is the most valuable the players saw that this was a good furniture to invest in.

The list of prizes included was:

Name Image
Blistering Barnacle
Star Fish
Sea Shell
Trumpet Shell
Clam Shell
Catch of the Day
Ice Cream Trolley
Rare Sea Throne
Rare Sand Dragon

Christmas 2014

In December of 2014, Seashells returned for the Tropical Xmas campaign. Once again, the temporary currency was awarded for completing tasks around the hotel - 5 per task over a course of 24 days, for a maximum of 120 per Habbo. This time around, the currency could be used to purchase Seashells Elves for 10 Seashells each, other than two (Rasta Elf and Muscle Elf) which cost 40 Seashells apiece.

  • Normal Elf
  • Scuba Elf
  • Rudolph Elf
  • Mrs Claus Elf
  • Holiday Elf
  • Miami Habbo Elf
  • Bikini Elf
  • Block of ice Elf
  • Rasta Elf
  • Muscle Elf