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Wallpapers is a form decoration that players can put on their room walls, purchasable from the Catalogue with Credits. The price range for wallpaper is currently 3-4 Credits, and some could be previously bought with duckets (Note that ducket purchases were not as visually appealing and fancy as coin purchases.) There are many different colours and patterns, from plain paint colours to complex wallpaper designs, which change the atmosphere in a room quite dramatically. Habbos were be able to buy a wallpaper from the "Spaces" section in the shop (where also Flooring and Views were located, but since the introduction of Habbo 2020 this has changed and separated and can now be found under the "By Type" tab of the Shop. and buyers are able to preview the wallpaper before buying it by dragging the preview into the room.

Other materials for player's rooms include:

Adding feel to your room

The variety of Wallpaper Patterns you can buy

There are many different colours and patterns available to buy from the Wallpaper tab of the Spaces category. Upon purchasing, it will go straight into the "Walls" section of the Habbo's inventory. Once the Habbo has put wallpaper down in the room, it can never be picked up again. Before placing a wallpaper, the player is warned that it can never be picked up.

The most popular wallpaper is either of the Red ones, as when combined with a Mood Light set to blue, it turns the walls black which blends into the black space around the hotel.


The available wallpapers are:

Image Credits Image Credits
1.png 3Crediticon.png 2.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall3.png 3Crediticon.png Wall4.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall5.png 3Crediticon.png Wall6.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall7.png 3Crediticon.png Wall8.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall9.png 3Crediticon.png Wall10.png 3 Crediticon.png
Wall11.png 3Crediticon.png Wall12.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall13.png 3Crediticon.png Wall14.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall15.png 3Crediticon.png Wall16.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall17.png 3Crediticon.png Wall18.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall19.png 3Crediticon.png Wall20.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall21.png 3Crediticon.png Wall22.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall23.png 3Crediticon.png Wall24.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall25.png 3Crediticon.png Wall26.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall27.png 3Crediticon.png Wall28.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall29.png 3Crediticon.png Wall30.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall31.png 3Crediticon.png Wall32.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall33.png 3Crediticon.png


  • Wallpapers used to be purchasable with Pixels from the Pixel Shop, but this feature was removed with the removal of Pixels in June 2012.