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Previewing Flooring

Floor Patterns is a form of decoration that players can add to their rooms. Flooring can also bring a certain atmosphere to the room when combined with Wallpaper and Landscapes. Since Habbo 2020 and after a short removal of the Spaces category, Habbos can now buy flooring separated from the Wallpapers and Landscapes in the Catalogue under the "By Type" tab in "Floor Patterns". All flooring cost 2 Credits and Just like with wallpaper, players are able to preview the flooring before they buy it by dragging the preview into the room.

Other materials for player's rooms include:

Floor Patterns

The available floor patterns are:

Image Credits Image Credits
Floor StartroomBrown.png 2Crediticon.png Floor StartroomGray.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomBlue.png 2Crediticon.png Floor StartroomPink.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomOrange.png 2Crediticon.png Floor StartroomKaki.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomYellow.png 2Crediticon.png Floor StartroomGreen.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomSky.png 2Crediticon.png Floor StartroomWhite.png 2Crediticon.png
Spaces FloorStartRoomStandard.png 2Crediticon.png Spaces FloorAquaStriped.png 2Crediticon.png
Spaces FloorFleshDots.png 2Crediticon.png Spaces FloorRedDots.png 2Crediticon.png

Softness on your feet

The variety of flooring you can buy!.

Just like with wallpaper, there are many different colours and patterns to choose from when buying flooring. After purchasing flooring, it will show up in the "wall" section of a Habbo's inventory. The image on the right shows a few different types of flooring Habbos are able to buy. Users will find that the Pixel flooring will show up in the Spaces flooring too.


  • In the old days, before any patches were released (Petal Patch, Snow Patch etc..), Habbo's used green flooring as 'grass', blue flooring as 'water', yellow flooring as 'sand' and white flooring as 'snow'
  • Not only flooring would've been used as 'environment' in the old days. Different colored Rugs were also a perfect use as previously mentioned examples.
  • Floors used to be purchasable with Pixels from the Pixel Shop, but this feature was removed with the removal of Pixels in June 2012.