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Opened: December 2004
Closed: April 2015
Country: Denmark
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: Kimstar (2011 - 2012)
GucciMama (2004 - 2011)
Radar (2008 - 2009)
The Habbo.dk main site after it's closure

Habbo.dk (formerly known as habbohotel.dk) was the Danish version of Habbo Hotel. It was first established in December 2004 and was one of the oldest hotels, until it closed down 29th of April 2015 - it was also the 13th hotel to open. The Danish Habbo-community was not massively populous in the last two years of its lifespan, due to all dices of the hotel being locked. This happened because the Danish Ministry of Taxation (otherwise known as SKAT) said that minors were spending their money on online "gambling," was illegal. This caused a lot of users to quit in pure outrage, which cost Sulake a lot of money.

The Danish hotel has been a pilot to a few furniture releases (with the most well known being the Diner furniture range) - a few examples include 3 Black Romantique items and 3 Asian furniture items which were added during the V11 upgrade. Habbo.dk is also the only hotel (apart from Habbo.com (International)) which has the Doric Rock Pillar in circulation.

In total, 67 badges have been created solely for use on the Danish hotel.

Closure of Habbo.dk

In January 2015 Habbo.dk announced its closure after having been open for nearly 11 years. All the users that decided to continue playing on a different hotel would get six months of Habbo Club and six months of Builders Club. Many of the popular fansites had tons of activity days after the Habbo.dk closure and all of the Danish fansites closed down with the hotel.

Staff Members

  • Johanna - Advertising Sales Coordinator
  • Bono - Advertising Sales Coordinator
  • Asteriasrubens - Community Coordinator & Moderator
  • Majesstic - Community Coordinator & Moderator
  • VidaZor - Community Coordinator & Moderator
  • Flylow - Community Coordinator Back-Up
  • Aedlesommerfugl - Community Coordinator
  • AloeVeraEngel - Community Coordinator
  • Hjemmom - Community Coordinator
  • KimStar - Community Coordinator
  • KrissyDK - Community Coordinator
  • Helmer - Community Manager
  • MissJ - Community Manager
  • MissZenobia - Community Manager
  • Zerobyte - Community Manager
  • Minna - Business Manager
  • NordicLight - Business Manager
  • CountZer0 - Country Manager
  • DonK - Country Manager
  • Radar - Site Producer Assistant
  • MissZenobia - Site Producer Assistant
  • Teknul - Site Producer Assistant
  • GucciMama - Site Producer
  • KimStar - Site Producer
  • Radar - Site Producer
  • Hallonkiwi - Community Coordinator & Moderator
  • Odysse - Community Coordinator & Moderator
  • Skybrud - Community Coordinator & Moderator
  • Xebal - Community Coordinator & Moderator
  • Hellacopter - Community Coordinator Back-Up
  • Pellavalilja - Community Coordinator Back-Up
  • SmileyPie - Community Coordinator Back-Up
  • Superukko - Community Coordinator Back-Up
  • Vedenhaltija - Community Coordinator Back-Up
  • MOD-BondSuperPuma
  • MOD-Ginger
  • MOD-Nideh
  • MOD-Suiseki
  • MOD-Agurk
  • MOD-Aqualung
  • MOD-Avurt
  • MOD-Belze
  • MOD-Boggnasker
  • MOD-BondSuperPuma
  • MOD-Daffi
  • MOD-Denver
  • MOD-DM
  • MOD-Dobbel
  • MOD-Duane
  • MOD-Extjacobfyr
  • MOD-Gaffy
  • MOD-Hrextgitteb
  • MOD-Hrextlot
  • MOD-Itrinity
  • MOD-Jayden
  • MOD-Kersey
  • MOD-Kritin
  • MOD-Ladyexthel
  • MOD-Laine
  • MOD-Lulu74
  • MOD-Moab
  • MOD-Mummimor
  • MOD-Oleszq
  • MOD-Ondan
  • MOD-Orwell
  • MOD-Pol
  • MOD-Prelude
  • MOD-Romo
  • MOD-Shuko
  • MOD-Teknul
  • MOD-Smilla
  • MOD-U.P.
  • MOD-Yuck
  • MOD-Zephyr

Habbo Fansites

Habbo.dk has been one of the smaller communities with the biggest fansites in Scandinavia. Many of the fansites became so popular, that versions of the fansites were made for the Norwegian (Habbo.no), and the Swedish (Habbo.se) hotels as well. Because of this popularity, these fansites got the ability to arrange huge events and competitions, and almost every user online would join in. These competitions were held every weekend, becoming almost more popular than the hotel itself. When fansites became nearly more popular than the hotel itself, Habbo.dk had to arrange their events around fansites to gain more activity, basically a closer co-operation than usual.