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Opened November 2004
Country France
Hotel Managers TBA

Habbo.fr opened in November 2004 and serves as the French speaking hotel. It was the 13th hotel to open and is one of the largest non-merged hotels. The hotel has one of the largest population bases of all the hotels, and is regularly busy. It continues to operate today and is primarily the home of players in France. The hotel is not often used as a pilot hotel.

Due to its large size, approximately 177 Badges were created solely for use on the French hotel.

Staff Members

In total only 7 Staff members have worked solely on the French hotel. They are:

  • Miss.Sunshine - Office Manager
  • Gaby - Country Manager
  • Justine P. - Executive Assistant (Intern)
  • MlleBulle - Production - Site Producer
  • Norman Production - Site Producer
  • Wendy.Torrance - Assistant Site Producer
  • Timtam - Marketing Manager

Client Staff

  • Androidlili - Hotel Manager
  • Lafollegrenouille - Community Manager
  • MOD-Elle
  • MOD-Artemis
  • MOD-Fakear
  • MOD-Caracoldoré
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