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Opened March 2004
Country Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
Hotel Managers Clepsidra, Juchuhi
Website habbo.de
Twitter De_Habbo

Habbo.de is the German (and Swiss) version of Habbo hotel. The German hotel was first opened in March 2004 as the 9th international community. The community is popular amongst the German speaking community. In late 2010, due to the decreasing popularity of the Swiss hotel (Habbo.ch), as well as the large number of German speakers the two hotels merged. The German hotel has been used as a pilot hotel and was used to test the Habbo Helpers program. The Pixelolymp pixel art competition was one of the weekly features running on Habbo.de.

List of Staff

  • Clepsidra
  • Juchuhi

List of previous staff

  • Mazulla - Country Manager
  • MattCatt - Country Manager
  • Pito - Country Manager
  • Ohcarolina - Hotel Manager
  • PTCruiser - Hotel Manager
  • Birgit B. - Hotel Manager
  • Melsky - Hotel Manager
  • Neuromancer - Site Producer
  • Spextor - Site Producer
  • Kawu - Community Manager
  • Davion - Community Manager
  • Diwo - Community Manager
  • Ladana - Assistant Community Manager
  • JohnnyBuzz - Marketing Manager
  • Most - Customer Service
  • MOD-Pachelbel - Moderator
  • MOD-Niomi - Moderator
  • MOD-Neun - Moderator
  • Kukka: - Book-Keeper
  • polandiaa - Community Coordinator
  • MOD-fuffiii - Community Coordinator
  • MOD-Noa - Community Coordinator
  • MOD-pitahaya - Community Coordinator


  • @@ Kev22222 @@
  • boarderfun
  • cundero
  • Cybercheck
  • Gianlyca
  • NedurkTschger
  • overHero
  • Rosi999


  • The German hotel was introduced and presented by T-Online at CeBiT. At that time, the Habbo Hotel could also be reached at the address www.habbohotel.t-online.de.
  • Shortly after the opening, bloeki and Dreamwalker, two staff from the Swiss hotel, took care of the German Habbo.
  • First hotel to host the 2006 Streets of Bobba event.
  • First hotel whose management also takes on the management of another hotel. Habbo Switzerland was administered from Germany from 2007 to 2010.
  • The moderation of the hotel was given to an external company, which is why many moderators had to leave Sulake in late 2009.
  • It was the first hotel to get rid of the Head Guides.
  • The Austrian domain used to lead to the Habbo Hotel Schweiz. Since July 2009, however, it changed to the German domain.