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Opened: December 2004
Closed: June 2010
Country: Singapore, Malaysia & The Philippines
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: Saffon (2004 - 2007)
Lynx (2007)
AppleDoe (2007 - 2010)
Tallespin (2010)

Habbo.com.sg was the Singaporean version of Habbo. It was one of the oldest hotels and the community was first established in December 2004 (thus making it the 12th hotel to open). The community was moderately large in size but was managed by a small number of staff - most became staff members on the Habbo.com (International) hotel. The main language of users on the site was English but a small portion spoke Mandarin Chinese. Originally, the hotel targeted primarily users in Singapore, but its scope eventually expanded to include users from the Philippines and Malaysia. As such, Habbo.com.sg gave users the chance to have a badge representing their country of origin.

The Singaporean hotel has played host to quite a few furniture releases (before other hotels), with the Black Gothic set, Lime Romantique set and Pink Glass set being just a few examples. Habbo.com.sg was also the only hotel which had the Brown Powered Fan.

During the Spring of 2010, it was announced that all English-speaking hotels would merge to form one international hotel and at the beginning of June that year, Habbo.com.sg closed and users' accounts were merged to the new hotel.

In total, 66 badges were created for unique use on this hotel.

Local events, features and competitions

Habbo Singapore participated in many of the world-wide events such as Habbowood and the World Cup campaigns. Aside from this, many local competitions and quests were organised, many including the non-player characters "Kitty" and SafetyElf. Habbo.com.sg continued the weekly newsie under the name of "Hotel Buzz", even after the launch of the new Habbo website in 2006, when most other Habbo communities abandoned the weekly format.

The Singaporean Infobus also remained consistently active throughout Habbo.com.sg's six-year life-span, and was often used by local charities promoting causes such as the environment, vegetarianism and animal rights.

Singaporean Hotel View

Staff Members

Office Staff

Only 6 staff members (excluding moderators) have ever been recorded as working solely on the Habbo.com.sg hotel. These were:


Habbo Singapore was originally moderated in a similar manner to other hotels, that is to say with a team of volunteer moderators, Hobbas, supported by a small team of professional moderators working in shifts. In December 2005, the Hobba programme was phased out internationally, and Habbo SG was moderated solely by professionals. At some point in 2009, Habbo outsourced all moderation activity for all English-speaking hotels to Singapore, forming an "international moderation hub". This moderation team then took over the moderation duties for the new Habbo.com (International) when it launched in 2010.

This team was eventually phased out at some point in 2011, as Sulake opted to outsource its moderation duties.

  • Saffon - Hotel Manager
  • Lynx - Hotel Manager
  • AppleDoe - Hotel Manager
  • Tallespin - Hotel Manager
  • Lynx - Assistant Hotel Manager
  • Tallespin - Assistant Hotel Manager
  • DoeLee - Country Manager
  • CheshireCat - Country Manager
  • AppleDoe - Assistant Country Manager

Official Fansites

Habbo.com.sg had a small group of dedicated official fansites, of which one (Great.la) went on to become an official fansite for the new English-speaking Habbo.com.


  • Habbo Singapore was the smallest English-speaking hotel by population of the country served, as Singapore has a population of only 5 million people.
  • Habbo.com.sg also used the URL Habbo.com.my for their Malaysian users.