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Opened June 10th 2012
Country Australia
United Kingdom
Hotel Managers Amaiazing

Habbo.com (International) was the first International version of Habbo and was first opened in June 2012. This hotel is one of the most popular sites in the Habbo range.

All English speaking hotels were merged into Habbo.com and is since then the international Habbo Hotel.

Habbo Staff

Are people who work for Sulake to ensure users have a smooth experience on Habbo. Their jobs are to manage hotels, moderate chat, handle finances, and advertising

The Sulake staff working on Habbo are broken up into different teams:

  • Project Staff
  • Production Staff
  • Community Staff
  • Technical Staff
  • Moderation Staff
  • Player Support Staff
  • Office Staff

All staff members currently wear the "Habbo Staff Badge."

Staff Badge.png

List of Current Staff

At present there are fourteen staff working within Habbo.com















List Of Past Staff

User Name Job Role
Fozzie Hotel Manager (AU)
SmoothCriminal Hotel Manager (US)
Lost_Witness Hotel Manager (UK)
Akela! Player Support
Becs Player Support
Borteh Office Manager
BUUBAR Graphics Producer
Callie Hotel Manager
Cindy Community Manager
Chelseaboy Player Support
Daisy Original Founding Director and Owner
Dany Player Support
Disarno Player Support
Dionysus Assistant Site Producer & Web Content Manager
Gazsux Systems Technician
GlitterKat Community Manager & Player Support Manager
Heidster Community Manager
HelKat Player Support & Assistant Site Producer
Impetuous Community Team & Customer Service
Ione Site Producer
Jibbi Community Manager & Site Producer
LekkerLaura Office Manager
Penepole78 Office Manager
Pret Country Manager (UK)
Smash Country Manager (UK)
UkchaserAl Marketing Assistant
WasJay Player Support & Sulake Safety Officer
Wenders Community Manager
Wirah Assistant Site Producer & Technician
ludus Assistant Site Producer
Nilsin Safety Manager
SoylentBob Country Manager
Bucho6 Global Ad Producer
gandalfthegrey. Designer
L=ems Ad Ops Producer
BerbaNo9 Marketing Assistant
Pohjola Marketing Assistant
Flynn500 Community Manager
Ladyjane21 Marketing Assistant
JoLee72 Head of Sulake Advertising Operations
Redtiz Senior Safety Moderation Manager
ArishaA2 Office Manager Marketing Assistant
colmc Player Support Manager
Luna Hotel Manager
Kedo Hotel Manager
Iomegadrive Hotel Manager
Loderse Hotel Manager
YaTwice Moderator (US, UK)
MOD-Alice Moderator (UK)
MOD-Llama Moderator (UK)
MOD-Jacob Moderator (UK)
Yurre Research Specialist.
SafetyBox Hotel Manager
Toto Developer
Powertoo Hotel Manager
.beeches. Habbo Staff
hairaru Moderator
MOD-MissCle0patra Moderator
MOD-davjuTheTired Moderator
Merisiili Habbo Staff
FreePlace Habbo Staff
TeConLeche Moderator
BlueMagnolia Moderator
Khevar. Moderator
Xegeo Moderator
virvatuli Community Coordinator / Moderator
Khevar. Moderator
Macklebee Developer & Moderator

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