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The Penguin gift

Penguins were a furniture item given out as part of the Habbo Arctic campaign around Christmas of 2008. A new Penguin was given out each day between 1st and 26th December to all Habbos who had logged on that day and had verified their email address. On the 27th December 2008 a special Penguin Gift was awarded to everyone who had managed to collect each penguin. Since the Penguins have always been untradeable, the only way to collect the whole set was to log in every day. The Penguin Gift, however, is tradeable. In 2022 during the Ski Resort, a new line of Penguins were released as part of the campaign's gift calendar. They were made with a similar design to the penguins that were initially released in 2008's Arctic campaign.

The Penguins

2008 Edition

Day Image Penguin Type Description Additional Information
1   Emporer Penguin Emperor Penguin Aptenodytes Forsteri.
2   Executive Penguin Executive Penguin Aptenodytes Loman.
3  Infected Penguin Infected Penguin Aptenodytes Bacterium. This penguin was based on the Habboween campaign of 2008 about a virus spreading throughout the hotel
4   Clown Penguin Clown Penguin Aptenodytes Pennywise.
5 Bunny Penguin Bunny Penguin Aptenodytes Euripides.
6   Disco Penguin Disco Penguin Aptenodytes Foxy.
7    Ballerina Penguin Ballerina Penguin Aptenodytes Vaganova. This Penguin was re-released in Winter 2010 and 2011. It was available from the catalog for 2 Snowflakes.
8 Magic Penguin Magic Penguin Aptenodytes Houdini.
9    Beautiful Penguin Beautiful Penguin Aptenodytes Narcissus.
10   Musketeer Penguin Musketeer Penguin Aptenodytes Narcissus.
11   XC / Skii Penguin XC Penguin Aptenodytes Swish. This Penguin was later renamed to "Ski Penguin".
12   Pilot Penguin Pilot Penguin Aptenodytes Biggles. This Penguin was also given as a prize in Habbo AU for winning a room competition linked to flying.
13  Hockey Penguin Hockey Penguin Aptenodytes Gretzky. This Penguin was re-released in Winter 2010 and 2011. It was available in the catalog for 3 Snowflakes.
14   Summer Penguin Summer Penguin Aptenodytes Buubar.
16    Cowboy Penguin
Cowboy Penguin Aptenodytes Hickok.
17    Luchador Penguin Luchador Penguin Aptenodytes Mysterioso.
18   Robot Penguin Robot Penguin Apentodytes Asimov. This Penguin was one of the prizes given out for reaching a KickWars Galactica! Prize room.
19     Fluorescent Penguin Fluorescent Penguin Aptenodytes Gamma. This Penguin is also often referred to as the Glow Penguin.
20     Punk Penguin
Punk Penguin Aptenodytes Rotter.
21     Skater Penguin Skater Penguin Aptenodytes Arto.
22 Ninja Penguin Ninja Penguin Aptenodytes Hamburger.
23    Sumo Penguin Sumo Penguin Aptenodytes Musashimaru.
24    Superhero Penguin
Superhero Penguin Aptenodytes Kirby.
25    Christmas Penguin Chistmas Penguin Aptenodytes Jolly.
26    Boxing Penguin Boxer Penguin Aptenodytes Ali. This Penguin was released to honor the national holiday "Boxing Day" which is celebrated by many countries.

2022 Edition

Name Image
Egyptian Penguin
Unicorn Onesie Penguin
Tokyo Penguin
Artist Penguin
Bobblehead Penguin
Shy Penguin
Ghostsheet Penguin
Plague Mask Penguin
Angel Penguin
Albino Penguin
Sleeping Penguin
Academic Penguin

International Hotels

Habbo Turkey

In January 2020 Habbo Turkey released 3 penguins which Habbos could buy for 9 Credits and 9 Diamonds each. The following penguins could be bought, and players who bought them also received a badge.

  • Executive Penguin
  • Cowboy Penguin
  • Bunny Penguin
Name Image Badge
Executive Penguin
Cowboy Penguin
Bunny Penguin