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Release date: March 2009
Available from: Marketplace

Eco is a range of furniture given from the updated Ecotron. The furni given is 'Eco friendly' as it is recycled from old furniture. The first Ecotron was released in March 2007 and gave the Tickets, Palm Chair, Water Garden and Polar Sofa as rewards. The second generation Ecotron was released along side the Easter 2009 campaign which involved Environmental furniture.


5 levels of gifts could be obtained by players - Common (most likely to come up), Uncommon (1 in 5 chance of getting one of these items), Arcane (1 in 40 chance of getting one of these items), Phenomenal (1 in 200 chance of getting this item) and Urban legend (1 in 2000 chance of getting this item). Items now came in an eco present box. The Orange and Pear trees were replaced by the two Mushrooms in 2009.

Name Image Motto Rarity
Ecotron prize (Box) Eco Present Box This item is 100% recyclable Always given (unopened Ecotron prize)
Potted Cactus Eco Cactus 1Eco Cactus 2Eco Cactus 3 Find a place in the sun Common
Eco Lamp Eco Lamp 1Eco Lamp 2Eco Lamp 3 Energy saving bulb fitted Common
Eco Stool Eco Stool 1Eco Stool 2Eco Stool 3 Green leaf design/Brown floral design/Black and white skull design Uncommon; 1:4 chance
Eco Curtain Eco Curtain 1Eco Curtain 2Eco Curtain 3 Help keep the heat in Uncommon; 1:4 chance
Eco Light Eco Light 1Eco Light 2Eco Light 3 Energy saving bulb fitted Uncommon; 1:4 chance
Eco Armchair Eco Armchair 1Eco Armchair 2Eco Armchair 3 Relax! You've done your bit Uncommon; 1:4 chance
Eco Coffee Table Eco Coffee Table 1Eco Coffee Table 2Eco Coffee Table 3 Recycled wood as standard Uncommon; 1:4 chance
Fruit Bowl Eco Fruit Bowl 1Eco Fruit Bowl 2Eco Fruit Bowl 3 From tree to hand in 3 pixels! Arcane; 1:40 chance
Orange Tree Add caption here Actually, the tree is green... Phenomenal; 1:200 chance
Eco Mushroom 2 Add caption here Phenomenal; 1:200 chance
Pear Tree Add caption here You'll want a pair of these... Urban Legend; 1:2000 chance
Eco Mushroom 1 Add caption here Urban Legend; 1:2000 chance


  • Before the Ecotron was removed some of the prizes were, this lowered the odds of receiving some items and the most significant was that the Eco Mushroom 2 went from 1:2000 chance to 1:400!