Eco Mushroom 2

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Eco Mushroom 2
Release date: May 2009
Rare Values
Category: Ecotron

The Eco Mushroom 2, previously known as the Fairy Mushroom was a Super Rare in the 2nd version of the Ecotron. It was available alongside the Eco Mushroom 1, but this was removed on the 3rd May 2012 to make room for the new Plasto edition. The Eco Mushroom 2 was available from the 6th May 2009 until the 4th May 2012 when it was removed for the purpose of a campaign and didn't return - it was later replaced with the Furni-Matic.

Unlike its partner, the Eco Mushroom 2 is smaller to fit in with more magical and fairy tale style rooms; it also resembles a red and white spotted mushroom to emphasise the lack of realistic characteristics about it.

In 2013, the Eco Mushroom 2 managed to be rigged in value in the MarketPlace, and it took a while to return to a normal, stable value. When it was first removed from the Ecotron it was worth a small amount and didn't increase too much from around 14 Credits. It now increased in value.