Eco Mushroom 1

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Eco Mushroom 1
Release date: May 2009
Rare Values
Category: Ecotron

The Eco Mushroom 1, previously known as the Witch Mushroom was a Super Rare in the 2nd version of the Ecotron. It was available alongside the Eco Mushroom 2, previously known as the Fairy Mushroom from the 6th May 2009 until the 3rd May 2012 when it departed alongside other collections such as the Ecotron Curtains, Stools and Coffee Tables. It left the Eco Mushroom 2 in with the lesser important items.

Unlike its partner, the Eco Mushroom 1 is darker in colour and bigger, fitting in with more rooms. It's classed as a Super Rare due to how it was available for Habbo players to obtain - they needed to recycle a number of Furni to have a rare chance of gaining one of the mushrooms.