Donnie Santini: Space Explorer

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Donnie Santini: Space Explorer
Santini monolith quest.gif

Donnie Santini: Space Explorer was a global habbo event back in 2006 / 2007

Users had to explore rooms in order to get clues for answers. The answers had to be filled in a form on the Donnie Santini: Space Explorers page on the homepage. Users got the change to win one of the 9 unique badges created for the space explorers campaign. Only around 50/55 people with the right answers got the change to win a badge. After the campaign was over the Black Monolith was released.

The following paragraphs are text taken directly from the Habbo articles concerning this event.


The last we heard from him, he was looking for aspiring movie makers in our Habbowood competition… then just when the winner was chosen, he disappeared never to be heard from again. Or so we thought.

Just this past week, all of us Habbo Staff were partying at Rooftop Rumble when I noticed something blinking in the sky. It got larger and larger… then suddenly I realized it was a Habbo! The Habbo flew into our atmosphere, burning and whatnot, when he (or she? Who knew, the Habbo was going too fast for recognition) dropped into the pool.

We all jumped in and rescued the poor Habbo and saw someone who looked remarkably familiar… it was Donnie Santini! The resilient fellow he was, he propped up and started toking from his bubble pipe again as he regaled us with a tale of his travels…


“So right, after that Habbowood thing, I decided to take a trip ‘round the galaxy, for no good reason at all. And you know what? I fell in love with it…

Until one day. One day, exploring around in my ship, Santini One, I hit a snag and one of the engines blew. I know, something failing on me, go figure, I am just the best space explorer ever, but bobba happens.

Anyway, I was drifting along, no one and nothing in sight for ages, just a bunch of specks of stars gleaming in the distance. Then, all of a sudden I began to hear a voice. And it was telling me things, entering my mind, as if it knew what I was thinking, opening every door in my brain until it stumbled upon the Habbo. It was a Black Monolith.

When it found that pocket of memory in my brain about Habbo, the voice stopped. Dead silence. After a minute of nothingness, it whispered something to me. But soon after this my oxygen ran out and I lost consciousness and when I woke, I was flying through the atmosphere, burning up and now I’m here.

I don’t know why, but I know I have to show you the planets of the galaxy. I just know that if you Habbos help me explore the universe, we’ll be able to figure out what this Black Monolith told me and wants from me. Until we find out, I’m going to live with this voice in my head, telling me what to do, with no control over what I do. Help me Habbos…”

After the tale, we dragged Donnie Santini to the best beds in the Hotel and laid him down to rest. I’m sure he’ll wake soon and show us where to go.

Planet OmniTV

Greetings Habbo-lings!

The other day I was out chilling in the Tranquility Garden, just relaxing and minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye I saw THE Donnie Santini! He came walking toward me with a confident stride and a pipe full of bubbles and I could hardly contain my excitement…I was about to hear a firsthand and private account of his space travels!

When he finally approached me, he skipped right over the “hellos” and “nice to meet you's” and immediately began insulting my outfit…my pants were too blue, my shirt was too stripey. Oh no he didn’t!!! I was about to launch into a discussion of the Fashion Friendly Fighters and teach him thing or two about style, when he quickly started explaining himself. Turns out he was just trying to prepare me for my visit to Omni TV, the first stop on our planetary voyage!

He told me of Omni-TV’s inhabitants: fame-hungry, trend-obsessed and TV-addicted people who are always pitching the latest script and butting heads for VIP status. Everything on this planet revolves around media exposure, showing off and trend setting," he told me. “Kinda sounds like Hollywood…I can handle that, let’s go!” I shouted. Donnie’s face suddenly turned white as he warned me, “Proceed with caution. These fame-seekers are not friendly toward those who don’t fit the Omni TV mold. This is no Hollywood.” And then he went as quickly as he came.

Do you think you can handle the trendsetting terrors of Omni TV? Donnie begs you to try! He has reason to believe the first piece of the Black Monolith’s puzzling message is hidden somewhere among the camera and TV filled studios that make up the planetary terrain. Seek out that fist fragment of truth and participate in planetary competitions below, if you think you can handle them

Planet OmniTV Competitions

Media Attack!

Create your own Habbo TV program that will put all of Omni TV’s shows to shame. Using your friends as characters, stage a screenshot that will sell your TV show idea in ONE shot and then send it in to [email protected] with MEDIA ATTACK in the subject line. In the email, also include your Habbo name, the name of your show and a SHORT description of what your show is about….and we mean very, very short. Omni TV producers have the attention span of gnats. The three best television show creators will win a Study Desk, One Month of HC and an Omni TV Badge .

Free Your Mind: The Uncoolness Competition

Escape from the clutches of Omni TV’s Fashion Police and take a screenshot of a totally uncool and unfashionable event. For example, set the scene for the Brown Plasto Collector’s Convention or throw a Clashing Pattern Fashion Show…the uncool possibilities are endless! The five lamest events will be published and the queens and kings of uncoolness will win a Speaker's Corner, a Trophy from his/her Staff of Choice and an Omni TV Badge.

Planet MegaMecha

Hey Habbos!

Since I am still new to the Hotel, this whole space exploration adventure is a great way for me to explore the Hotel and is a great way for you to explore the digital expanse of the beyond! I wasn't sure what to expect when the legend, Donnie Santini stopped by my room. He launched into his crazy tales. I thought he was going to fall over or kick a hole in my wall with his animated stories. I don't know if I believe that he de-populated an ENTIRE PLANET with his Kick Warz skillz, or how he knitted his granny a sweater out of Wookie fur... Most Habbos I know are allergic to Wookie fur!

Then Santini told me of the next planet we are going to explore: Megamecha! Megamecha is a planet populated solely by huge and not-so-huge “mechas” (robots) that are obsessed their own mutual destruction. I believe the words Santini used were ‘hell-bent on their internecine contests’- ‘brother Santini... You thought Habbo Kick Warz were bad; Santini told me about a not-so-huge-mecha that was kicked out of his atmosphere! That mecha is doomed to circle in his planet’s orbit FOREVER! Despite their extreme internal strife, you have no reason to fear the inhabitants of Megamecha because all mechas follow Asimov's three laws. During this weeks comps, keep Asimov's laws in mind.

The Monolith’s words are still haunting Santini. He can’t sleep, he can’t eat, and he can’t sit still! Please do you best to help Santini sort this out. Remember, it is what all Habbo’s seek. There will be clues in your explorations of the Megamecha rooms and throughout the hotel this week. Don’t forget the bots, they are machines too. The competitions will be fierce this week, almost as fierce as the competitions on Megamecha!

Planet MegaMecha Competitions


Create your own Roller Powered Vehicle Create your own car, tank or other moving vehicle in your room and send Santini the screen shot.

Create your own MECHA Create a giant robot in your room, possibly a Roller-automated one, and send Santini the screen shot!

Best Room Comp: Automatize your room with Roller-power Create a totally automatic room powered by Rollers. The concept can be anything: a sushi restaurant, a factory, a catwalk. What matters is that stuff must be moving and Roller-powered.

Planet 01001001

Last week, as Mr. Santini was wandering through the outer edges of Universum when he stumbled through a strange portal that had mysteriously appeared in the galaxy's CPU.

The portal led to a strange, disconcerting planet where every inhabitant walked, talked, and looked the same.

At one point, Mr. Santini was greeted by 10 identical 'Habbos', who each introduced himself in the same monotone voice as Mr. Harry.

Mr. Santini soon learnt that they are all actually Artificial Intelligences, following a scary master plan: to merge all Habbo individualities into a single, all encompassing one. Worse, the mindset they have is pretty corporate.

Of course in the mad world of Habbo and its seemingly endless series of bugs, the clones' fight for total uniformity is completely... well... futile.

This is a trial about freedom, and individuality. Do you know who you are and what you want? Can you be creative and not conform? Are you a real Habbo or just a clone?

Prove you have what it takes to be different. Defeat the Habbo Clones!

Planet 01001001 Competition

The thing the clones hate the most is to see Habbos expressing their individuality. So that's exactly what we're going to do - celebrate who we are and our differences!

Create a guest room that is all about you. Love a particular movie? How about a room about the show? Love to eat? Celebrate with a gourmet kitchen. Really dig dancing to cool tunes? Design a club where you can shake that bootie with your pals!

Whatever the space, it should be all about who you are. So make sure you tell us what that space says about you in less than 200 words.

The 5 Habbos whose spaces best express their individuality (and give the clones a splitting headache) will win:

  • A Holoboy or Hologirl (winner chooses 1)
  • A 01001001 Badge
  • 1 Month HC
  • 5 Habbo Points

Yggdrasil, The Living Planet

Welcome to Yggdrasil, the Living Tree-Planet.

In Yggdrasil, everything is ruled by the laws of nature, and only digital plants and animals live in the planet… plus a few radical environmentalists who have decided to move here to find their paradise!

Will you Habbos be skilled and conscious enough to understand the laws of nature? Be careful though, it is said that all the inhabitants of the planet – vegetable and animals alike – are as intelligent as Habbos…

This is my Trial of the Living Planet. Come and face it!

The Gate to Planet Yggdrasil is now open. To begin your search for the first part of the Black Monolith’s secret message search “DonnieSantini” and remember to keep a record of the words you find.

Planet Yggdrasil Competitions

Alien Alts: Create an out if this world, alien alteration of an animal or plant that you might find on the Planet of Yggdrasil. Put your thinking caps on because your entry is only as good as your mind will allow it to be… the more creative, original and extraterrestrial the better!

Ah La Naturaal: Design the ultimate biosphere and win these great prizes.

Universum Federation

Heya Habbos…

I’ve been talking to Donnie Santini and he’s led me to a whole new planet, well not a planet per se, really, a digital mini-galaxy Confederation named Universum!

Space travel has been easy here since they’ve been hard at work on furni-powered fusion starships. With such powerful Mode Fueled Warp Ships, soaring at light speed in space is easy for them.

Universum is all about space travel and exploration but it is also the last planet (well destination of planets) which holds the clue to the Black Monolith’s message. Somewhere on this planet lies the final clue, and Donnie needs you to find it for him. If you think you've figured it out, enter the Black Monolith's complete message to Donnie Santini here.

For now, take solace in the fact that Donnie has gleaned much intelligence from their people and now wants to teach you how to harness that information…

Universum Competitions

Create Your Own Universum Starship Using your newly found knowledge, make your own Mode Fueled Warp Ship and take a screenshot of your creation! For some ideas, check this out! We’ll pick the 5 best Warp Ships creators and they’ll win a 2 Red Laser Gates, a month of Habbo Club and the Universum Badge! You only have until November 21st to get your entries in.

Develop Your Own Planet Universum isn’t ONE planet but a confederation of MANY planets. Create your own planet, complete with ecosystem, and take a screenshot and submit it for entry to the Universum. The 5 best planets will be inducted to the Universum Confederation and will receive an undiscovered Rare, a month of Habbo Club and the Universum Badge! Get building, you only have until November 21st to submit your planets to the Confederation.

The Monolith Quest

Donnie Santini needs your help to discover what the Black Monolith’s message was during their first contact. As the Gates are opened to each Planet, it’s your job to explore and unearth each missing word from the “Ultimate Truth of Habbo.”

You’ll need your wits about you because each clue will be stashed throughout the Planets on hidden stickies, so keep your eyes peeled.

Once the Gate to the last Planet is opened and the final word to the message is discovered.

Prizes: The first 20 explorers to send in the correct answer will win: 3 cycles of Habbo Club for them PLUS a friend (You must remember to include your friend’s name in your email to Donnie) One piece of secret, Rare furni Santini’s Academy of Space Badge Also, the first THREE Habbos to email the correct sentence to Donnie will win a respective Gold, Silver or Bronze Trophy.


Name Description Image
OmniTV Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 OmniTV Badge.gif
MegaMecha Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 DS2.gif
Clones Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 DS3.gif
Hyperspace Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 DS4.gif
Bobbarians Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 DS5.gif
Universum Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 DS6.gif
Yggdrasil Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 DS7.gif
Academy Astronaut of the Habbo Space Explore 06 DS0.gif