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Habbo hoot.gif

The Hoot Quest was a promotion in February 2003 on Habbo.com for a Novel of the same name.

The quest was on the 7th of February. Before the quest was live players could visit the promotion site to read a part of the novel to find clues that would help the players with the Hoot Quest, play a game or download a screensaver. It is likely that the Hoot Poster was given out as price for the quest, altho this is yet to be confirmed.

The book won a Newbery Honor award in the same year.


Name Image
Hoot Poster Hoot.png
Jack-o-Lantern (After the change in 2007) JackoLantern.gif


  • The Hoot Poster is based on the cover of the book.
  • The Hoot Poster is later in 2007 changed into a Jack-o-Lantern (poster).