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The VIP Logo

VIP was released on the 25th of April 2010 as an upgraded version of HC and had many more benefits, however, it cost 10 Credits more than HC. In 2011, the ability to purchase HC was discontinued altogether. With a range of new staff members circulating the hotel early January 2013, a series of changes were implemented. As a result, VIP was discontinued as users preferred the original Habbo Club. HC was re-introduced on the 16th of January 2013.

Habbo VIP Benefits

  • Wider selection of clothing, including a wardrobe (able to keep up to 10 outfits in a wardrobe for later use)
  • Wider range of colours for clothing/hair
  • 2 VIP gifts per month
  • 1100 friend limit on Friend List
  • Numbered HC and VIP badges (the numbers increase once each year the user has VIP)
  • 10 Marketplace offers for 1c (this no longer occurs due to the Marketplace no longer charging for ads).
  • Able to hide walls and change thickness through room settings
  • More Room Layouts available.

A Year's Worth of VIP

During the Easter period, Sulake decided to temporarily lower the price of VIP. This discount allowed players to buy a year's worth of VIP for the price of 100 Credits, which worked out at a 200 Credits discount. The offer was only around for a couple of days, however, and all the users who purchased it received an exclusive badge. This award is known as the Diamond VIP Badge.

Club Gifts

Club Gifts were given out monthly to VIP Club members. A player was eligible to choose a gift every month they were a member. They had the choice to receive a piece of furniture from a list - however, not all the items on the list were unlocked at one given time. The longer the user was subscribed to VIP, the more gifts would be available to them. Below the Habbo Club header on the Club Gifts page, you were able to see how long before you were eligible for the next gift and how long until you unlocked the next piece of furni.

HC Club Gifts

Name Image Motto
Leather Sofa
Stylish seating
Leather Armchair
Relax in style
Leather Duvan
Stretch Out
Leather Bar Stool
Sit on high
Glass Table
Make a statement
Black Lamp
Sophisticated lighting
Black Divider
Divide the wealth
Black Vase
Elegantly shaped
Espresso Machine
Morning glory
Service Trolley
Butler not included
Suave Fireplace
Roaring sucess

VIP Club Gifts

Name Image Motto
VIP Sofa
Comfort in style
VIP Stool
High and mighty
VIP Duvan
Live the life
VIP Coffee Table
For social gatherings
VIP Bar Desk
Set up shop
VIP Divider
Manage your space
VIP Light
Stay in the spotlight
VIP Lamp
Makes a huge statement
VIP Wall Art
Cubism lives on
VIP Shelves
Store your awards
VIP Stereo
Block rockin' beats
Trendy Rug
Luxurious comfort
VIP Vase
The ultimate floral arrangement.

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