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Release date: July 2012
Season: N/A
Available from: Unavailable

Desert was a range of Furni included in the Footsteps of the Ancients series of quests and competitions in July 2012. It was a mildly cheap range and some of the furniture items were required if you wished to submit a certain room into a room competition. The Quackatoa furniture item could alternatively be purchased with Stars.


2012 Release

Name Image Motto
A monument to an ancient hero
Hot Sand
Hot Sands.png
So hot it'll sizzle your soles
Pharaoh Teleporter
Pharaoh Teleporter.png
One step beyond
Pyramid Block
Pyramid Block.png
Four states. Build it up, beyond the heavens!
Obelisk (Marble, Obsidian & Stone)
Marble Obelisk.png
Obsidian Obelisk.png
Stone Obelisk.png
A monument to destiny

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign during 2015, several old furniture lines were revived with new furniture additions. Desert (or more specifically, Footsteps of the Ancients) was one of these.

Name Image Motto
Quackatoa Duck
A smaller monument to the ancient Hero.
Ancient Chair
Rest your sandy feet.
Ancient Table
Perfect addition to your tombs
Ancient Wall
Wall carvings respecting the ancient hero, Quackatoa.