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Opened: June 2004
Closed: May 2010
Country: Canada
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: Dubya (2004 - 2005)
Trouble (2005 - 2006)
Daz (2006 - 2007)
Teetoo (2007)
Puffin (2007 - 2010)

Habbo.ca was the Canadian version of Habbo Hotel. It was first established on 9th June 2004 and was the 10th hotel to open. However, on 5th May 2010 the Canadian hotel merged with the four other English-speaking hotels to form Habbo.com (International).

On Habbo.ca the Doric Blue Pillar was awarded to monthly room competition winners, making it the only hotel to release the rare into circulation. As such, Habbo.com (International) is the only hotel with this rare released.

In total, 24 badges were created solely for use on the Canadian hotel.


Badge Mix-Up

On March 30, 2007, Habbo.ca staff accidentally handed out official staff badges instead of the correct 'Kappa Habbo Gamma' competition badge. Habbos who received the staff badge gained moderation powers, including the abilities to ban and pick up furni. This resulted in mass kicking, banning, and the thefts of countless users' furni. Subsequently, Habbo staff closed the hotel for a short period whilst the actions were undone and furni returned.

Puffin Swears

In 2009, Hotel Managers Puffin and Gingerly hosted the 2009 Habbo Awards ceremony in the Theatredrome. Many users disagreed with the announced winners and immediately began flooding the room, claiming the results were rigged. The disruption caused Puffin to lose her temper and yell, "Sore losers shut the f*** up!". To her credit, she did publicly apologize immediately afterwards.

Staff Members

  • Dileas - Country Manager
  • Tubes - Country Manager
  • Puffin - Hotel Manager
  • Teetoo - Hotel Manager
  • Daz - Hotel Manager
  • Trouble - Hotel Manager
  • dubya - Hotel Manager
  • Drexell - Hotel Manager
  • Gingerly - Assistant Hotel Manager
  • Calamity - Community Manager
  • La_Brea - Community Manager
  • MOD-Sebee - Customer Service & Moderator
  • MOD-Reachkid - Moderator
  • MOD-Tabialthea - Moderator
  • MOD-AuntieG
  • MOD-Calamity
  • MOD-Chicka
  • MOD-Domokun
  • MOD-Egogen
  • MOD-Emo
  • MOD-Kichi
  • MOD-LakeTrout
  • MOD-Ogopogo
  • MOD-Prefix
  • MOD-Princez
  • MOD-Racine
  • MOD-Scooter
  • MOD-Spinner
  • MOD-TicTac
  • MOD-Trinity
  • MOD-Zotty