Bunny Run

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Bunny Run
Release date: April 2011

Bunny Run is an Easter game that is played in Guest Rooms. It involves being chased around Bunny Run Patches until you have been caught by a bunny. Bunny Run is a variation of Ice Tag as it is similar in rules. The Furniture for Bunny Run was released during Easter 2011. The object of the game is to avoid the Habbo who is wearing the bunny head. To pass on the bunny head, a user has to run through another, therefore giving it to the other player. There are achievements to be unlocked through Bunny Run for completing certain tasks, for example, being caught by a bunny and catching other Habbos.


During Easter 2011, there were a few pieces of furniture released in the Catalogue so that users would be able to set up and play Bunny Run in their own rooms.

Name Image Motto
Bunny Run Field
Place these Fields with an Egg Tag Pole to start a game of Bunny Run!
Egg Tag Pole
Place this with some Bunny Run Fields to start a game of Bunny Run!
Easter Basket
Packed with treats!