Mad Science

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Mad Science
Release date: October 2008
Season: Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)

Mad Science furniture was the rename of the 'Igor' range that was released around October 2008 due to the release of the film of the same name. Many promotions were included in this such as receiving a free 'The Brain' furniture when viewing the film at the cinema or getting a deluxe four furniture set when buying the DVD. The promotion for this was intriguing and interactive with the users who participated.

There were two different sets of furniture created for this range. They were released on different occasions and different years to promote the film yet again. The first range included the Ray Gun, Hump Massaging Chair, The Switch and The Brain, they were all available in the Catalogue to purchase during this promotional period and as mentioned above 'The Brain' was available to redeem elsewhere from cinemas and such.

The second set was suited more to the 'evil' side of the Igor range including the Evil Genius Desk, Flash, Monster Plan Poster and Evil Bone, showing where the 'Mad Science' name is derived from. With this set of furniture came the second promotion whereby in the United States hotel mainly you could purchase the DVD and inside was an insert issuing you with the free furniture via a code. This wasn't the best way to gain promotion as according to the Igor group page in 2008/2009 some characters didn't receive the voucher in their DVD cases thus had to contact Customer Service.'


The furniture included in this promotional release are (to a degree) similar in their dark, gritty style to the Twilight and Spiderwick ranges, which were also sold to promote cinema releases - The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Spiderwick Chronicles respectively.

Name Image Motto
Flask 3 parts Sodium 2 grams Potassium and 1 cup of Evil.
The Switch Nothing will work without this being on!
Ray Gun Shoot down your foes!
Monster Plan Poster The latest model!
Hump Massaging Chair My Hump, My Hump, My Hump
The Brain Brains of the operation.
Evil Bone The key ingredients for terrifying experiments.
Evil Genius Desk Can't be an Evil Genius without a desk!


Competitions occurred for the promotion and players were required to build 'Science Rooms' to win a Golden Plasma Gate, previously named Yellow Laser Gate and one month Habbo Club subscription.


  • MochaLover with 'Evil is among us.'
  • Remove with 'Igor - Scientific Resort.'
  • Lance with 'The Laboratory' (can still be viewed on Habbo)
  • lopeando5 with 'Igor's Basement.'
  • YoBrent with 'Evil Scientist Rocketship.'