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Cata Effects PromoLogo.png
Rare Values

Avatar Effects (Former known as Special Effects) are effects that are applied to a players Habbo avatar for a short amount of time. Currently, there are two categories of Effects in the Catalogue the Effects and Temporary Effects. The Effects contains 11 effects do not expire and can be bought with Duckets and Credits. The Temporary Effects will be in your wardrobe for 6 days and then they'll be automatically removed (except for the piñata stick that will stay 24 Hours). Prior to their initial introduction they could only be bought with Pixels. They can be bought by opening up the Catalogue and then clicking on Clothing.

On various occasions effects have been released to celebrate a number of events, and seasonal effects are common within the hotel.

Current Effects


Permanent Effects do not expire.

Effect Picture Cost
Ghost Effect ghost.png 150 Duckets
Microphone Effect Microphone.png 150 Duckets
Fly Head 3 Coins
Nightmare Bride Costume 3 Coins
Pumpkin King Costume AvatarEffect PumpkinKing.gif 3 Coins
Scarecrow Costume Effect scarecrow.png 3 Coins
Werewolf Costume Effect werewolf.png 3 Coins
Feather Mask Effect mask2.png 3 Coins
Peacock Mask Effect maskpeacock.png 3 Coins
Goat Mask Effect goat2.png 3 Coins
Flower Mask Effect flowermask.png 3 Coins


Effect Picture Cost
Rainbow Pinata Stick Pinata.gif 25 Duckets
Steelscar Helmet and Torch Viking effect.png 150 Duckets
Battleshade Helmet and Torch Viking effect2.png 150 Duckets
Magic Wand Effect Effect Magicwand.gif 150 Duckets
Hover Plank_name Effect Hoverboard.png 5 Duckets

Totem Effects

Special thanks to Pokamoke for lending me his Totem Set

There are 4 different rare effects you can get when you own a complete Totem (Sacred Fire, Totem Spirit Head and Totem Planet). If you place them in the correct combinations on top of eachother and double click the Totem Plant you can get 1 of the 4 effects. These effects last 24 hours and you can only get 1 effect per day. There is however a trick to get multiple effects. By picking up the totem planet an placing it back down you are able to get more of the effect you want. This step needs to be repeated for more effects.

The Totem Effects Promo
Totem Combination Totem Set Effect
TotemCombination Fire.png TotemEffect Fire.png TotemEffect1Fire.png


TotemCombination Rain.png TotemEffect Rain.png Totem2Rain.png


TotemCombination Stick.png TotemEffect Stick.png Totem3Stick.png


TotemCombination Levitation.png TotemEffect Levitation.png Totem4Levitation.png


Old Effects

Effect Picture Cost (Duckets)
Butterflies ButterfliesEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Candle Pixel Effect Candle.gif 30 Duckets
Fireflies FirefliesEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Flies FliesEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Frozen FrozenEffect.gif 30 Duckets
HRJP-3000 JetpackEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Hover Board (Blue) BlueHoverboard.gif 30 Duckets
Ghost Ghost.png 30 Duckets
Love Birds LoveBirds.gif 30 Duckets
Microphone Microphone Effect.png 30 Duckets
Hover Board (Pink) Hoverboard-Pink.gif 30 Duckets
UFO (Pink) Pink-UFO.gif 30 Duckets
Skate Board Skateboard.png 30 DUckets
Torch TorchEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Twinkle TwinkleEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Hover Board (Yellow) Yellow-Hoverboard.gif 30 Duckets
UFO (Yellow) Yellow-UFO.gif 30 Duckets
UFO (Blue) Blue-ufo.gif 30 Duckets
N/A DogMobile.png 139 Duckets
RebelMobile RebelMobile.png 139 Duckets
HelpMobile HelpMobile.png 139 Duckets
BluesMobile BluesMobile.png 139 Duckets
Dragon Outfit Dragonoutfit.png 150 Duckets
Alien Effect alien.png
Alien Effect alien2.png
Bad Breath Effect badbreath.png
Butterfly Wings Effect butteflywings1.png
Calaca Azul Effect calacaazul.png
Calaca Brillante Effect calagabrillante.png
Captain Effect captain.png
Evil Clown Effect clownmakeup.png
Dead Bride Effect deadbride.png
Executioner Effect executioner.png
Ghost Effect ghost1.png
Goat Mask Effect goat1.png
Ink Face Effect inkface.png
Mask Effect mask1.png
Mask Effect mask3.png
Goblin Mask Effect maskgoblin.png
Peacock Mask Effect maskpeacock2.png
Bronze Medal Effect medalbronze.png
Silver Medal Effect medalsilver.png
Gold Medal Effect medalgold.png
Mummy Costume Effect mummy.png
Mummy Effect mummy2.png
Mutant Mask Effect mutantmask.png
Pirate Effect pirate.png
Pum King Effect pumpking.png
Puppeteer Effect puppeteer.png
Ringmaster Effect ringmaster.png
Snake Effect snake.png
Strong Arms Effect strongarms.png
Swamp Creature Effect swampcreature.png
Swamp Creature Effect swampcreature2.png
Zombie Effect zombie.png

Staff Only Effects

Effect Picture Cost (Duckets)
Unknown x x
A duck driving a small robot StaffEffectDuckRobot.png x

Invisible Habbo

It is possible with the use of a Ghost Effect to make your habbo completely invisible.

All you have to do is make your habbo completely covered in purple clothes and then use the Ghost Effect. All you see is the shadow of your habbo under it, but your habbo itself will be invisible.

  • To do this you need to be a Habbo Club member to get the color Purple.
Invisible Outfit
Effect InvisibleOutfit.png