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Rights are given to users by the room owner and it means that the user has the ability to do special things in the room. The room owner automatically gets these rights and more.

Rights Abilities

Any users with rights have the following abilities to:

  • Kick any user out the room (Apart from the Room Owner or Habbo Staff)
  • Edit room stickies and change the colour
  • Move and rotate furniture in the room
  • Turn on and off functional furniture (furniture that can change state)
  • Control who can and can't enter the room when the room has a doorbell on it
  • Open and close hatches/gates

Room owners have the following extra abilities to:

  • Ban users from the room. This means they are kicked and cannot re-enter the room for 15 minutes.
  • Give/Take away users rights.
  • Pick up furniture in the room.

In the past, it was possible for users to drop furni in a room without rights/ownership. This was later removed due to some users scamming others.


With the release of Groups, the rights system has changed. If a room is a homeroom for a group, rights can only be managed through the group settings. A user must, therefore, be a member of the group to have rights (if the 'all members can decorate room' feature is enabled) or a group admin. Group administrators also have the ability to give admin to other users, accept joining requests, remove administrators and users from the group (but not the group owner) and place their furniture in the room.

Please Note

  • Players must be careful when giving rights as people may abuse their rights by trashing the room, clearing/adding unwanted things onto a sticky and repeatedly kicking a user from the room.
  • With the recently added update, you can add/remove rights from users by a menu under "Room Settings" without the user being in the room.