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Player Support has been around since Habbo first opened when it was purely used for unfortunate Habbos to appeal their ban. Later on, it was opened up to deal with other issues such as hacked accounts and credit subscription problems. There was originally a "Support" button at the bottom of the main Habbo website where it gave users several options, leading up to a support ticket. The support system is now accessible through an external website. The support system is generally used post-event, where as the Call for Help is used when help is needed in a time constrained situation.

The Bad Side

Many will agree that Habbo Support is slow and generally quite unhelpful. This is a common issue and Habbo have indeed agreed that they need to improve their Support tool. Aside from the slow Support, the Help Tool was hacked several times throughout 2011 causing inconvenience for those Habbos that needed to use it. Also, due to the hacking, it put many Habbo accounts at risk and generally made Habbo look unprofessional due to lack of security. Habbo was said to be in the Top 10 Most Secure Online Games, which could be considered quite questionable following the numerous fiascos, one including the Great Mute.

See Also

Access the Player Support website here