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Myth Bunnies were part of a global campaign created in 2010 designed to educate users about being safer around the hotel. The campaign itself only lasted for a week, but several users remained as a "Myth Bunny" for weeks after the event. Users who were Myth Bunnies were asked to give users general help throughout the hotel, give advice against being safe from scamming, inform users how to avoid being hacked and set up/be part of a Myth Bunny Help Desk in which players could visit if they had any concerns.

Throughout the campaign, many events were held in Sulake staff rooms to spread knowledge about Myth Bunnies. For example, on the USA hotel, Moiraine hosted a Myth Bunnies Party and also held a True Or False game in which 3 players had the chance to win a Bunny Suit sticker for their Habbo Homepage. Other competitions included:


Help Desk Competition

Throughout Monday-Friday various undercover agents would visit the various Help Desks that had been built and inspect the knowledge of the Bunnies. After taking into account room design, creativity, and helpfulness the agents would choose 5 Help Desk owners per day to win a badge and be displayed on the official group page. It was later revealed the head Wolf Guides were the undercover agents.

Habbo Hotel Safety PSA Competition

Users were asked to create videos up to 1 minute long about staying safe inside the hotel in order to win a badge as well as a place on the (ex-) Official Safety Tips and More Hotel Safety Tips group pages. The winners on the former USA hotel were:

  • arcadia157
  • FieryCold
  • Qubit
  • Pixel.z

And the runners up were:

  • Paragram
  • DearrindaTrue
  • Andalusia
  • ,RarePixel
  • Saimuri
  • Mikeism
  • ThePinkPillar
  • !danny-boy94!
  • Autotaker
  • L1NDS4Y
  • 0.o