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A ban is a type of punishment intended for rule-breakers. When a player gets banned, they can't log into Habbo or access the hotel for a specified amount of time. The amount of time a player is banned for depends on the severity of the player's actions. The length and severity of a ban depends on a players sanction status. Habbos can be banned by the hotel moderators, or they can be banned from a certain private room by the room owner and admins.

While a Habbo is banned from the hotel, their Habbo Club and Builders Club subscription days will still decrease. Their Habbo Home page will not be accessible. However their unlocked rooms will still be open and accessible.

Types of bans


A Permanent ban, commonly called a perm or to be permed, is basically a ban in which the time limit is permanent; though despite the name being "permanent", most bans are usually 11-12 years long. However, after that period of time, the player is most likely no longer interested in Habbo. Many bans last until 2022, and most players simply create a new account and continue playing. Some players, when creating a new account, will make their username their banned account's name with a "BAN" suffix (i.e. MyusernameBAN).

IP ban

An IP ban is when a player's IP address is blocked. The player cannot access their account using their main internet browser or computer. However this does have some complications as players can use Proxy servers or other computers to access their Habbo accounts, therefore IP bans usually have a permanent ban on the accounts.

Room ban

Room Kicks were introduced onto Habbo around 2003. This is where the owner of the room could 'kick' (force someone to leave) someone from their room if they were causing disruption or if the owner did not want that Habbo in their room. Later on, Room Bans were introduced. This is where you could 'ban' someone from your room, preventing them from entering for approximately 10/15 minutes. Many people believe that reloading the client causes the ban to be lifted but unfortunately, this is not true.

Room bans are given to room owners (or people with room rights) to give them Moderation and controllability over their own room. They are able to ban other users from their room if they are causing disruption or behaving rudely. The ban lasts for a set amount of time with intervals being available between one hour and permanent. This is a new special feature of setting a certain time of banishment. Before this feature, when a person got banned, it would only last one hour; Then the person who was banned by the owner could just come back and continue after the banning was over. Obviously, having only one option for the length of the ban, the player could know when they would be unbanned. Having more options (i.e. a whole day or permanent) the user can not do this, especially if permanent. When the player is banned they cannot enter the room until their ban is over. There are many reasons for banning people which include:

  • Offensive/Racist comments
  • Scamming
  • Spamming
  • Abusing rights
  • Blocking
  • Owner doesn't want a certain player in their room

After being banned, if a user tries to enter the room again, it results in an alert message telling them that they have been banned. After the ban has expired the user can re-enter the room. Only room owners have access to the list of banned users and can unban a user at any time.

Ban Reasons


Scamming is the act of stealing another player's furniture, Credits, or account details without the owner's permission. These methods include verbal or psychological techniques such as adding players on Skype posing as Staff, kicking players when they've won a game, stealing passwords by offering free furniture, Credits, or moderator status, and promoting links to scam sites. If you get banned for scamming, this can last for 11 years, but it is usually a permanent ban.

Sexually Explicit Behaviour

This includes cybersex (players roleplaying sexual acts), offering furniture in exchange for cybersex, discussion about sexual acts, and giving out porn URLs. In a nutshell, those engaging in a sexually explicit conversation will be banned. They are usually 5 hours in length. If there is repeated behaviour, the bans will increase incrementally.

Terms and Conditions Violation

These are behaviours that violate Habbo's terms and conditions. Examples are using Habbo for illegal activities (selling drugs, child pornography, etc.), password phishing, keylogging, using third party software to disrupt the programming of the hotel, discussion about illegal activities, violent role-playing, making death threats, making bomb threats, auto-typing/clicking, disclosing or sharing or posting confidential Sulake information on the web, via email or any electronic or printed form, underage Habbo players, etc. These bans are often permanent bans and the police may be contacted.