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Safety is one of Habbo’s primary concerns. Sulake employ online safety Moderators, who are on call 24/7 to deal with any issues that Habbos may have. Each Moderator has the word MOD- (e.g. MOD-Ellz) in front of their Habbo name so that all Habbos can tell that they are one and also a ‘Habbo Staff’ badge. Anyone else without this and claiming to be a moderator is most likely lying and you should report them.

There is a Call for Help system in place within the hotel which allows Habbo’s to report other users they think may be breaking the Terms of Service aka The Habbo Way. The Call for Help sends the Habbo's message describing the problem directly to one of the online Moderators who have access to the chat logs and can act appropriately.

The International (English) hotel provides a 'Safety' tab for users to click on and view Habbo's safety tips. The 'Safety' tab also provides an interactive Flash video to educate Habbos on how to keep safe whilst playing Habbo.

Safety Tips

  • Never ever share your password with anybody. They may claim that you will get free coins or free furniture – but this is NEVER the case! There is no such thing as free anything on Habbo hotel unless it is officially announced on the homepage where you can win items through competitions.
  • Keep your online friends as your online friends. Never meet up with anybody you meet online – you never know who they could be pretending to be. If someone asks to meet up with you, simply tell them no and tell your parents or a responsible  adult.
  • Ensure your computer is up to date with all the latest anti-virus protection.
  • Make sure your password contains a combination of letters and numbers and ensure you change it regularly but don’t forget it.
  • Do not ever fall for a "coin adding" program. People make programs like this to inject viruses into your computer and steal info.
  • Never enter a chat unless the user is trusted.