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Moderation in Habbo covers a variety of tools to help Habbos be safe and happy while on the hotel. Moderators have been a part of the Habbo Staff team from the creation of the site, and today they, along with machine learning moderation tools provided by the company Two Hat, look for inappropriate topics for the hotel and sanction Habbos who break the Habbo Way.

Habbo Moderators rely, particularly in the past, on Habbo's reporting these topics to flag them as needing to be looked over. Habbo has also used more official helpers such as Hobbas, Habbo X's and currently Ambassadors. Habbo users are also able to moderate their own room by kick, muting or banning Habbos from rooms they own or have moderation rights in.

Concerns about moderation and the lack of human moderators, who in the past were often spotted around the hotel before taking more of a backseat role, were addressed in February 2022 by Istanbul.

“Hello, Habbos! Recently we’ve seen an uptick in the number of players asking for more clarity and information about how moderation works in the Hotel. I want to run you through the technology we use, how it works, and why we use it.Istanbul

You probably all know that the technology we use monitors every single line of chat posted by Habbos. That’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across every site. Impressive, huh? There are two main features, or components to this:

1. Word filter. This filter is powered by a really cool, cutting edge bit of machine learning technology called Community Sift, supplied by the people over at TwoHat. It applies the famous bobba word to words that we consider racist or homophobic, sensitive details like email addresses and phone numbers, and other words that we feel could make Habbo a less safe place for our community members.

2. Chat line monitor. As well as Habbos having access to tools to report bad behaviour, or behaviour that could be deemed inappropriate, the same technology uses advanced algorithms to scan chat lines and automatically flags any suspicious sentences.

Some community members have raised concerns about the assumed absence of human moderation in Habbo, so I also wanted to highlight that humans are still very much part of the moderation process! Every single sanction that is handed out by the system is checked, and if necessary, corrected by staff from each hotel’s community team. While the percentage of sanctions that turn out to be incorrect is less than 1%, we do appreciate that it can be frustrating when this happens to you. We’re always looking for ways to improve the technology with our partners at Community Sift.

The whole team here at Habbo are committed to keeping Habbo a fun, but more importantly safe place for everyone. We firmly believe that this combination of cutting edge moderation technology and human oversight achieves this.

I hope this sheds some light on how things are done. Thanks for reading!”


Habbo Moderation System

Habbo's current moderation works on a gradual system, where every offense increases a Habbo's sanction status and penalties become harsher the more times a Habbo breaks the rules. The sanctions start with an alert and continue on to mutes for 1 or 18 hours, bans for 7 or 30 days, and for Habbo's who still break the Habbo Way for a seventh time, a permanent ban.

When a Habbo's punishment ends, they go into probation where if they do not get any more sanctions for a certain amount of time their sanction status will be wiped. If a Habbo does break a rule while on probation, they go onto the next sanction level. A 30 day probation period begins after all sanctions up to and including a seven day ban, while a 60 day probation period is given to users after the 30 day bans.

Moderation Tools

Habbo User

Most user-based moderation features can be reverted (e.g., unban, listen) however reports cannot be pulled out and once sent, and will be read by Moderators who will decide the correct action to take.

Moderation tools that the User has access to include;

  • Room Ban (only in the player's own room)
  • Room Kick (in a room where the player has rights)
  • Room Mute for 2, 5, or 10 minutes
  • Ignore/Listen
  • Report (also known as Call For Help)

Habbo Staff

Habbo Staff (especially Moderators) have a greater variety of tools such as being able to unban players from rooms and respond to reports.

Hotel Moderator tools (not limited to);

  • Hotel Ban
  • IP Ban
  • Mute
  • User Info
  • Manage Call for Help (Ticket browser)

Safety Lock

Safety lock, also known as Trade lock, is a safety feature Habbo users can turn on which gives their accounts extra protection from others accessing their account and possibly stealing of their furni. When a users logs into a new computer their account will be locked and they will have to answer two security questions. If they can't answer the questions their account will be unable to trade. This gives added protection to an account so unauthorised users can not access their account and trade all of their furni away. [1]