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Habbo Council Badge

This page is about the 2012 Habbo Council. For the 2005 Council, please click here.

The Habbo Council was a council group created by Paul LaFontaine and Puffin. It took a randomly selected group of Habbo players to help improve the ban system within Habbo. Approximately 500 Habbos were randomly selected in the application process beginning on the 4th April 2012, afterwards 40 lucky characters got chosen and were given special access to the purpose built site Yammer. The council ran until the 4th May 2012 whereby the 40 Habbos who were a part of it received a gift of a Gold Habbo Trophy given by "paulwalla" (Paul LaFontaine's Habbo name). The council didn't make much of a difference due to the ban window being so small and a lot of players were coming in to dispute bans not in the timeframe. The Council members received 2 exclusive badges (The Blue Habbo Council one and the old Habbo VIP badge from Habbo's early years), but these were removed afterwards. The group was accessible for many years after the council ended but isn't any longer.

Original Mini Mail sent to 500 Habbos considered for the 2012 Habbo Council.
The gift received by the 40 Habbo Council members.
The Gold Habbo Trophy given to the 40 Habbo Council members.

Habbo Council Members

  • -Sno
  • 650c
  • Axiv
  • Barry
  • CJVX
  • Deegers
  • Ekelektra
  • God
  • Habtaz
  • J-Raviv
  • Jaked-up
  • Kurth
  • Moffins
  • Megaliisi
  • Nimidoji
  • Salukorana
  • Samanfa
  • Storking
  • Valrulz
  • Varnius