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When you are scammed, you are led in to think you will be getting something, but are tricked into getting something else. For example, if you were playing in a casino and bet against a dealer and won but the dealer did not pay you your winnings then you would have been scammed.


Scammers are Habbos that use a number of methods to try and fool other Habbo's into giving them their furniture or credits with a promise that in return they will receive something better. Scammers will normally say things like "I can double your furniture", or "go to this site for free credits". They are lying, there is no such thing as free credits, nor can they double your furniture.

Sometimes, scammers will also try and trick you via email. They will use fake email addresses similar to the official Habbo email address in order to trick you into thinking its real. Fake e-mail can be things like "[email protected]" so be aware of the links you're clicking and make sure you're fully vigilant of what details you're entering.

How to prevent being Scammed

  • Always watch what people trade you. If you are purchasing more than one of a piece of furniture, ensure that all of it is in the trade box.
  • Make sure you receive the right amount of Credits for your furniture.
  • A quick trade is a bad trade! People like to do quick trades to get you confused and in the end, you get scammed.
  • Never trust the free credits links, they are out to get your account and will end up taking everything!

High Alert Scams

Talk to Frank Brain Lamp

There are 2 different brain lamps on Habbo, each very similar to each other. There is the talk to frank brain lamp and just a brain lamp, the talk to frank brain lamp is the expensive one and the normal lamp is worth a few credits. A user shows you the expensive to talk to frank brain lamp, offers a low price. Then the user picks up the cheap one and tries to trade it to you when you're paying for the expensive one.

Petal and Grass Patch

A user can quickly change the Petal Patch to a Grass Patch without the knowledge of the other Habbo. This change will end up with a Habbo purchasing a Grass Patch instead of the Petal Patch, but for the price of the rare. Habbo has brought back the feature that allows Habbos to scan the furniture and it pops up with the name and picture.

Gold Treasure Patch Scam

This is where a player may approach you with a "Gold Treasure Patch" and is selling it for a cheap price, but in actual fact, he is selling you a hay patch, as in the trade box they look very similar. To prevent this from happening you should also hover over the trades that are taking place. This allows you to see the correct name of the furniture which is being offered by another Habbo, preventing you from being scammed.

Website Link

Many Habbos are now trying a higher level scam, known as website phishing. This is where they replicate the Habbo login page on another website domain pretending to be the Habbo login client. You will either be approached by another player saying "How did you get this many votes for the most popular Habbo?" and then it re-directs you to a fake Habbo client. To stop this from happening to you and from you logging in, always make sure you check the URL address bar before logging in with your account details.

Scamming on HabboxForum

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