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Stay Secure!

Being Hacked is one of the biggest problems not only on Habbo, but on the Internet. As much as Habbo has tried its best to combat hacking, it still occurs daily. Hacking is when another user either tricks you into handing over your account details or uses computer software to figure out your password, therefore granting them access to your account and all of your furniture and Credits. This may include a keylogger, RAT, or another method of stealing your information.

Keeping Safe

There are a few ways in which to keep yourself safe when using Habbo.

  • Do not give out your MSN address or any other email address that your Habbo account is registered with.
  • Ensure your password is long, secure and has a mixture of letters and numbers. If you're using a Hotmail email address for your Habbo account then change it to a Gmail (Google Mail) account. Google Mail has many levels of security to protect your account whereas Hotmail doesn't.
  • Do not click links from users you do not know as the link will most likely lead you to a hacking website!
  • Never give out your date of birth or any other personal information on Habbo. Hackers can learn a lot from you just by a general conversation and then use this information to hack into your account through security questions etc.
  • Always put on account safety lock. And keep this information safe. An example of account safety could be, your mother's maiden name. Your teacher's name, etc. This will prevent people (If they do get onto your account) from trading or edit any information.

Major Hacking Events / Notable Hackers

  • Finch (or Finch-HIMself) was the most distinct hacker of Habbo USA to date. He is known for accessing Housekeeping and taking control of Moderator and Habbo Staff accounts. He picked up mostly rare furniture from Habbo's rooms and caused chaos to the point that Habbo USA was temporarily closed. Screenshots (taken by Finch) show him picking up furniture from other peoples room logged into the staff accounts.
  • Office.boy was known to of creating programs to crack the encryption. He is notable for the Flash client encryption crack.
  • Shenk (or vito201-:D, Shenkz, :Shenk and other variations)is widely known for releasing the last working BruteForcer method.
  • >Max< (or ForForAllFun) breached into HouseKeeping on Habbo UK on multiple occasions.