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Hobbas were volunteers from the Habbo community, selected by Habbo Staff whose roles were to aid Moderators and deal with rule-breakers using many special tools available only to them. Hobbas were unpaid, experienced members of the Habbo community and as such were regular players (as opposed to official Habbo staff).

The Hobba program was officially shut down on 31st December 2005 after running since Habbo's opening in 2000. Due to many security issues and flaws with the Hobba programme, it was decided that they would be replaced by an increase in the numbers of official Sulake moderators.

Types of Hobba

Hobbas were separated into three different levels, each with a different set of moderation powers.

Silver (Trainee) Hobbas

Silver Hobba Badge

Silver Hobbas were the lowest rank and was a level given to new recruits. Silver Hobbas were assigned a mentor which would be someone of a higher rank and received training that would allow them to become effective moderators.

Silver Hobbas were granted a few basic powers and privileges:

  • They could send alerts with the :send command.
  • They were immune to kicks.
  • They could enter full rooms.

Gold Hobbas

Gold Hobba Badge

After passing training, Silver Hobbas were promoted to Gold level and awarded a gold badge to show that they had been promoted.

Higher powers and privileges were granted to Gold Hobbas in order to allow them to moderate more effectively.

  • They could mute (:mute) and unmute (:unmute) players and entire rooms.
  • They could log conversations and have them sent to their email.
  • They could open and close guest Rooms.
  • They had special powers for kicking habbos which included the ability to kick all habbos from a room.
  • They had the right to ban players, both temporarily and permanently.

Super Hobbas

Super Hobbas were a select few gold Hobbas who had been part of the programme for over 12 months and were given further rights and privileges:

  • They could edit the settings of guest rooms.
  • They could reset room rights.
  • They had access to the records of individual Habbos.
  • They had access to the Hobba activity log, which showed the activity from all Hobbas.

Meet the Hobbas

Meet the Hobbas was an annual event held by the Hobba team in the Theatredrome public room. It was presented by Ex-Hobba DollEyes. It was a special event to featuring competitions, guest room games and mainly to educate Habbos on safety. Hobbas were split into teams (tech team, safety team etc.) to present to Habbos.


  • Hobbas were advised to do at least 1-2 hours of moderation a week. If they didn't login after being accepted for the scheme, they were given an email warning them about their inactivity; and eventually had the badge and status removed.
  • When not officially 'on duty', many Hobbas played with their powers and sometimes used alerts to communicate with other players.
  • In the UK Hotel, the accounts "HobbaContact" and "Moderator" were created to help Hobbas. These accounts were shared and used during moderated hotel hours by professional moderators.
  • The Hobba Forum in the UK Hotel was separate from the housekeeping component - after many complaints, Sulake implemented the forum into housekeeping.
  • The Hobba program in the US Hotel did not have an age limit, while Canada, UK, and Australia required its Hobbas to be at least 18. However, American Hobbas did not have Call For Help functions, could not ban or kick, nor have access to housekeeping. The other Hobbas had these functions.