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Vaults are a new feature in the Habbo 2020 client that has been made on Unity.

Players who traded Credits in the past would go straight into your Purse, with the introduction of Vaults, credits who get traded can sometimes end up in your vault. To unlock your vault permanently players have to spend an certain amount of real life money.

  • Real money credit purchases and voucher code redeems will never go to your vault.
  • Avatar level progression and achievement rewards always go to your vault, but they are shown and collected in the earnings window first so that you know what you're getting.
  • Other cases: credits go primarily to your purse, but if your total credit amount (counting both the credits in your purse and vault) goes over 500, the exceeding part goes to your vault instead. The credits already in your purse are not affected, even if they go over the limit.
  • Credits you withdraw from your vault will go to your purse permanently.