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Opened: August 2000
Country: Finland
Website: https://www.habbo.fi/
Twitter: HabboFi
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: Talistar

Habbo.fi (formerly HabboHotel.fi) is the Finnish version of Habbo hotel. In August 2000 the hotel was established by Sulake founders and was the very first to open. Due to its history as the oldest community, Habbo.fi is frequently used as a pilot hotel for development projects and client updates. However, the hotel is relatively small in population compared to others, such as Habbo.es and Habbo.com (International). A large majority of Sulake's management staff work in the Finnish offices. Dee Edwards and Aapo Kyrölä teamed together to create the international game in many other countries including Habbo Hotel UK.

Many furniture ranges and features have been released on the Finnish hotel first. Most recently were Monster Plants which were initially released in Finland. The Finnish hotel is also the only hotel to have the old Beta Beds available, a relic from Hotelli Kultakala.

Hotelli Kultakala

Originally, the Finnish hotel opened as Hotel Kultakala (Finnish, meaning Hotel Goldfish) in August 2000. The hotel was a created after the development of Lumisota, the original Snowball fight game of Snow Storm. Lumisota was developed and created by Aapo Kyrölä and Sampo Karjalainen for a company named Taivas, and these two then went on to create Sulake.

List of Staff

Name Avatar Role
Talistar Hotel Manager
Alyx Global Community Manager

Former Staff

  • Hessuli - Account Manager & Community Coordinator
  • Chalis - Customer Service
  • MOD-Alexandra - Moderator
  • MOD-Ariellle - Moderator
  • MOD-Cynderella - Moderator
  • MOD-Macallan - Moderator
  • MOD-Protector - Moderator
  • MOD-Qdanniina - Moderator
  • MOD-Selkku - Moderator
  • MOD-SotaPekoni - Moderator
  • MOD-Ziradus - Moderator


  • Moppix
  • Noknok
  • mixu2
  • Kiira377
  • tyylitaituri
  • MunNimiOnUmi
  • Sly.Racoon
  • Hemini
  • Haukipullo
  • ::..::jarkko::..::


  • For a time around 2006-08, you were not able to sign up if you had an IP address from outside Finland but this restriction was eventually removed.
  • The hotel originally opened and closed during specified times of the day.