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Opened: 2009
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Mark
Website(s): Puhekupla
Twitter: Puhekupla

Puhekupla was one of the official fansites of Habbo.com. It is currently owned by Mark and was previously managed by Vado and his team of Site Producers.

Puhekupla is based on news and Habbo server information. Puhekupla is often the first to release this information and codes about what is coming to Habbo in the future, and has established itself as a reliable, credible source of news for all things Habbo.

In March 2014, Puhekupla lost its Official Status after supposedly forgetting to apply when applications were open. This was met with disbelief from most of the community as Puhekupla was rather popular as the go-to site for information, however they also received criticism at the same time as some saw it as lax that they were a fansite for Habbo based on news yet were seemingly not keeping up to date with fansite news from Habbo. Puhekupla regained Official status the next time applications were open in November 2014, but were once again removed from the list in January 2017 when the list of official sites was made far smaller.

International Fansite Reception

Mark, Puhekupla's site administrator, is based in the .NL hotel. Most of the staff also were based in hotels of other countries, despite a general focus on .COM events for the most part.

After the introduction of Fansite Events, Puhekupla were under scrutiny as Mark would have most of his items on the .NL hotel, but be required to host an event on .COM - this had an impact on the suitability of the rooms put together.