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Opened: October 2012
Country: International
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: Alyx

Sandbox is a version of Habbo used by developers for testing purposes, and builders to create events and Room Bundles. The only ones who can access it are Habbo Staff, MaW, global BaW members, GoGames QA Team and a small group of chosen BETA testers. You can go to the site for sandbox and the start page looks just like normal habbo, but you can't log in with your regular account or create one.

The staff member who is in charge of Habbo sandbox is Alyx the hotel manager, they also oversee all of the hotels as their main role is global community manager. As a sandbox builder, you are entitled to Credits, Habbo Club, Builders Club, BC limit upgrades, Diamonds, Duckets as well as being able to create bigger rooms. New unreleased furni will be available on sandbox before being released to the other hotels. During this time builder's will have access to this unreleased furni as well as all the furni that have been released throughout the years on Habbo. If you run out, need alternative currencies or exclusive furni, then you would have to contact Alyx through email. All sandbox builders will be allowed 10,000 credits per request. When a room has been built on sandbox, only Habbo Staff can copy it over onto the public hotels.

Sandbox Manager

Name Avatar Role
Alyx Hotel Manager


  • MaW are selected to build events for their own hotel.
  • Global BaW are former MaW members invited by Alyx to build for global Habbo events and Room Bundles.
  • Global Habbo events (e.g. calendar event) are mostly planned by Alyx.