Habbo Drive

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Habbo Drive
Gold pawn badge

Habbo Drive is a game that was created by !Zenda! (Habbo.nl) and featured as the first room in the Habbo Games Hub. The aim of the game is to move a Car (from the Gift Items section of the catalogue) from one spot to another, without touching the Country Grass. The badge users could obtain was the "gold pawn" chess piece.

Once a user has reached the front of the queue (made from Rollers), they will be teleported to an area containing 4 Floor Switches (from the Wired section of the catalogue). Each of these Switches corresponds to a different direction in which the Car will move and users need to ensure they move the Car to the end of the track (made from Roads from the Automobile section) without touching the Grass. If the Car touches the Grass at any point, the user is teleported back to the start. If they successfully get the Car to the end of the track - they win the badge!

The only tip available is to be as quick as possible when moving the Car around certain "corners" of the track - this is essential to win the game.