Lucky Chair

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Lucky Chair
Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Lucky Chair is a Habbo game based on luck. It is the complete opposite of the game Unlucky Chair. The Host will move a Banzai Teleporter, and everyone will stand on it and be teleported to a closed off area of the room. While the players are trapped, the Host will select one chair to teleport users back into the closed-off area. When that's done, the gate will open and everyone will run to get a seat. Whoever sits on the unlucky chair(s) will be teleported back to the closed-off area and will be through to the next round. Other players must then race to the chair. The last person of each round to sit on the chair will be out of the game. This continues on until there is one person left. This game normally has around 15 chairs. The lucky chair(s) will be changed each round.

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