Split or Steal?

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Split or Steal? User Made Game on Habbo and is usually hosted as a "minigame" in Takeshi's Castle. The game entered Habbo due to its popularity on some TV game shows (primarily 'Golden Balls'). Unlike most games, there are three different outcomes possible.

How To Play

Only two players will enter the game area and then wait for the host to shout "go", "Split or Steal?" or another word to cue the start of the game. Each player will then whisper/shout out (depending upon the host) "split" or "steal" - this determines how the prize is distributed. The three possible outcomes are:

  • 1) One player says 'split' whereas one player says 'steal' - the one who said 'steal' gets the whole prize.
  • 2) Both players say steal - no one gets the prize.
  • 3) Both players say split - both players share the prize equally.

Other variations of the game are possible, but each follow similar structures.

Game Layout