Find The Furni

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Find The Furni
Number of players: Unlimited

Find The Furni is a user-made game on Habbo. This game requires a good amount of players, preferably over 10. The bigger the number of players, the more rounds and the longer the game. The timer starts each round when the players are let into the game area and they have to find the furniture which will teleport them to the safe area, ready for the next round. Players who haven't found the furniture item after two minutes are removed from the game. The last player remaining is the winner. The time given to find the item will be reduced as the game progresses and fewer players remain.

How to Set Up

You will need a large amount of assorted furniture, mostly furniture that players can sit/lay on.

  • Fill a space of your room with furniture - this will be the game area.
  • Place freeze tiles in a closed off area of the gaming area, making sure you cover the entire floor of the area - this will be the "safe zone".
  • Place an exit tile in the gaming area, the same area as the assorted furniture is placed.
  • Place a Counter in an easily accessible area, so that the players can see how much time they have left and so that you can set it off easily.
  • Place one WIRED Trigger: User Walks On Furni and set it to one of the assorted furniture items - this will need to be changed at the end of each round.
  • Place one WIRED Effect: User Teleports To Furni and set it to one of the Freeze Tiles in the safe zone.

Now, when you set off the timer, all the players should teleport into the gaming area and the furniture item you selected should teleport them back.

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