Don't Hit My Wall

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Don't Touch My Wall
Number of players: Six
Also known as: Don't Touch My Wall
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Don't Hit My Wall, also known as Don't Touch My Wall, is an event hosted for six players. The aim of this game is to avoid reaching the opposite side of the room, making this event's aim opposite to Pod Racing. Each user receives a number according to the chair they're sat on, and if their number is rolled on the die then the host must move their seat forward one square. The host will decide to allow "steals" or not, but as the event goes on, people will aim to steal other people's seats so they remain as far away from the other side of the room as possible, and therefore staying in the game for longer. Once you hit the wall, or the opposite side of the room, you will be out and your number will become redundant.

Quick Keywords

  • Steal - This is where you can jump over to different chairs during a game. For example, if the number two was rolled and player three wanted to move, they'd hop over to player two's chair, stealing it. Some hosts prefer to allow stealing whereas others do not.
  • Hover - This is when a user moves too quickly to grab a chair. Most hosts give warnings for this, but if someone moves towards the direction of a number rolled chair without it yet being moved, it is considered as hovering.