Defend Your Pod

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Defend Your Pod
Number of players: Unlimited

Defend Your Pod is a popular game on Habbo and it includes Plastic Pod Chairs or alternative furni that you can sit on. The game begins by the players entering the area and sitting on a chair, this is usually either in singles or doubles - 1 Pod or 2 Pods together.

When the host says 'go' you attempt to steal someone else's Pod whilst protecting yours, which is why doubles are usually played. You need to move and not camp, which means sitting in your seat for a long time without moving, and the first Pod that's taken will be out. This is repeated until a few people are left, usually 4-6, and then you go into a singles game. You don't have a partner to protect your Pod and you need to attempt to take someone else's just like before.

Many alternative layouts are used and different chairs such as Snow Seats and Plastic Chairs. The winner is determined usually by again changing the layout in the final whereby you require going around all the Pods to get to the other's chair; if you step on the floor you would lose the game.