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Design A Room is a user-created game on Habbo Hotel.

The aim of the game is to show off your room building skills and create a more attractive room than your competitors by using furniture and a room that the host has provided. There is a different theme each round and the player/team who receives the lowest score for each theme is eliminated from the game. As with all games, there can only be 1 winner/winning team.

To start with, players queue up and wait to be let into the main area. If the host asks them to get into teams, they do so, if not the host explains what the aim of the game is and give them the first theme. The he or she will tell each player/team to choose a teleporter to enter and that will lead to a room full of furniture. The host will go through each room and give each user rights, so that they can design the room.

Once each team/player has finished creating their room, they must come out the room and stay in the main room until everyone is finished. The host will then give each room a rating out of 5 or 10 and the the team/player with the lowest school is offered the choice of pay to stay, revenge, kick and sometimes watch. This process is repeated until a winnner is chosen.

Sometimes, the final 2 teams/players will swap rooms.


A few problems arise with this game (which probably explains why it is such an uncommon game). These are:

  • The fact that waiting for users to design a room is incredibly time-consuming.
  • The fact that one team member can kick the other from the room if they get annoyed.
  • The opinion of a room being biased because it is solely based on the host's view.
  • The removal of "give all users rights" button.