The Maze Of Illusion

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The Maze Of Illusion
Gold king badge

The Maze Of Illusion is a game/maze created by !Zenda! ( which featured as the 5th game in the Habbo Games Hub. The aim of the game was to make it through the maze without falling down in order to gain a badge. The badge that could be obtained was the "gold king" chess piece.

Once users have been teleported to the maze area, they have to try and navigate their way to the green Colour Tiles by standing on the White USVA blocks. Some of the USVA Blocks are designed to trick people (as an illusion) into clicking the wrong spot, and thus falling onto the floor. There is only 1 correct path to the Colour Tiles and if a player ends up on the floor they will be teleported back to the start via Wired furniture. If they complete the maze successfully, they win the badge!

This game required the least amount of Wired furniture in contrast to other games in the Habbo Games Hub.