Majority Rules

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Majority Rules
Number of players: Unlimited

Majority Rules is a game hosted by players on Habbo. To play the game, all players must stand on a Banzai Teleporter to be teleported to a random seat. The seat with the least amount of players on at the end of each round will lose. This process will continue until there is one player left. This game is often a favourite game as it is both easy to host and play, and the rounds are not too long, which means that players who have lost will not need to wait too long to play again. In the event of a tie, where there is the same number of players in multiple areas, the host may step on the Banzai Teleporter themselves to add to the figures, or they may set up a Bot to do so instead.

How To Set Up

To set up the main area, you will need an area for players to stand while waiting for the Banzai Teleporter to be placed, and you will need two or three sections in which they can be teleported to with a gate to allow players to leave the area for the next round easily. Once you have the sections ready, you will need to do the following:

  • Place one Banzai Teleporter in each section.
  • Using a Stack Tile, place one Seat or Tile on top of each Banzai Teleporter
  • Place one Banzai Teleporter in the host's area. This item will be moved to the gaming area at the start of the round.
  • Place two Number Blocks above, or near each section. It should be clear which Number Blocks belongs to which section.

Once you have done the above, you are ready to start setting up the WIRED.


In order to set up the Number Blocks to automatically record the number of players is in each section, you will need to create a people counter. A guide on how to create a people counter can be found on the Habbox website by clicking here.

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