Melting Carpets

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Melting Carpets
Number of players: Unlimited
Also known as: Melting Mats
Don't Hit The Floor
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Melting Carpets, also known as Melting Mats or Don't Hit The Floor is a user-made game on Habbo. The aim is to not "fall off" the mats via touching the floor and to block other users so that they themselves fall off the mats. The Host rolls a die and whatever number it lands on corresponds to a certain mat. If the mat is on the ground it is picked up and if the mat is not on the ground it is placed down. In some games, there are "power-ups" which will provide certain advantages to players, such as the ability to walk on the floor without losing the game. You cannot use special effects such as cars or skateboards to avoid physically touching the floor - doing so will still lead to elimination.

The aim of the game is similar to the old school Habbo game Pick Me Up which is more complex than Melting Carpets.


Power-ups are items in the game which usually provide advantages to other users. However, sometimes they can be a disadvantage to all players in the game. Here are a list of the common power-ups and their uses;

  • Furniture that dispenses hand items - Used to enable the user to walk on the floor for a brief period of time.
  • Furniture that has a "fiery" theme - Is placed onto a mat that is going to be "burnt" (removed).
  • A seat - If a user sits on a seat they may either be kicked or given the option to choose a player to be kicked.
  • Rollers or Teleporters - Used to help users transport from one mat to the next if they are blocked by an empty floor.
  • Random item - Used to signify that the mat it is placed on is the only safe mat.

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