Pod Racing

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Pod Racing
Number of players: Six
Also known as: Chair Racing
Habbox guide: Click here for guide (Original version)
Click here for guide (WIRED version)

Pod Racing, also sometimes known as Chair Racing, is an event opposite to the aims of Don't Hit My Wall. In this game, you need to try and reach the opposite side of the room before your opponents. Everyone who starts will play right through to the end and no one should be removed from the game unless given too many warnings for hovering. Stealing is usually always on for this event as the aim is to reach the end first. In the original version, before the introduction of WIRED, the Host would roll a die and manually move each pod themselves. However, the game is now often set up using WIRED and Banzai Teleporters, which allows the game to be hosted easier and allows more players to play at once as they are not limited by the number on a die.

Quick Keywords

  • Steal - This is where you can jump over to different chairs during a game. For example, if the number two was rolled and player three wanted to move, they'd hop over to player two's chair, stealing it.
  • Hover - This is when a user moves too quickly to grab a chair. Most Hosts give warnings for this, but if someone moves towards the direction of a number rolled chair without it yet being moved, then it is considered as hovering.
  • NC - Noob Click. An alternative name for a hover.