Dice Dominoes

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Dice Dominoes
Number of players: Unlimited

Dice Dominoes is a type of User Made Game on Habbo. The aim of the game is for a user to try and get a number on a Holodice which corresponds to the Pod Chair (or any other seat) they are sat on. The game is called "Dice Dominoes" due to one die number needing to match another, just like in dominoes, one side of a tile needs to match another tile with exactly the same number of dots.

This game can no longer be hosted in the traditional way as a result of the Gambling Ban that was enforced in 2010. This ban put a limit of three Holodice/Dicemasters that would function within a room, and any additional ones placed would not work. However, it can be hosted by placing one die for the host and a second die for the players. It now requires the host to move the player's die from player to player rather than each player having their own die.

How To Play

Once users have entered the gaming area, there would be six seats, from any furniture range, for them to choose from. Each seat was given a number from one to six and users could not change seats once they had sat down. The host would then roll the die and the number that popped up corresponded to a seat, and consequently, the user on that seat. Then, only the user on that seat had to roll the die in front of them. They had to try to get the same number as the host/the seat they were sat on.

The user had five chances (rolls) to get the correct number, if they failed to do so they would lose the game and had to either leave the room or go to the back of the queue. The last user remaining would win the game.