Musical Chairs

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Musical Chairs
Number of players: Unlimited

Musical Chairs is a old-school game on Habbo. This game requires a good amount of players, preferably over 10. The bigger the amount of players, the more rounds and the longer the game. You will need more players than the amount of chairs in the game area. Previously, players used Trax Machines to act as the music, but recent updates discovered that some machines could not be turned off, thus this method wouldn't work unless the host shouted 'stop.' Since these updates, music is no longer used, and the host will tell the players when to dance and when to sit.

To play the game, players enter the game area and step on a Roller. They must then let this move them naturally. The "music" will begin or the host will tell the players that the round has started, thus they can move more on the Rollers and await the signal to ensure they can sit down. When the host yells "stop" or the Trax turns off, then the players must race to sit down. Usually there is one less seat than there are players, thus one would be out each time. With bigger games, the amount of players out can be increased. The one(s) who do not get a seat must leave the game area. The game continues until there is one person left, they would have won the other player by getting on the seat first.

How to Set Up

  • Place two rows of nine Chairs in the playing area.
  • Place the rollers around the Chairs, all going around in a circle.

Once you have done the above, you are ready to host.

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