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Pay Day is a familiar game on Habbo, although not often seen recently it is still a game of skill, logic and knowledge. The game is just like a quiz but shall we say you usually have more than one life in the game.

The Game

Pay day tends to be played with coins or other items of furni that is easily stackable and not that high in general. An amount of players enter the area and coins are put down in front of each seat, usually 1 or 2 depending on how long the round will last and how many players there are. Once all seated and the coins at the ready the game is ready to begin!

The host can choose to use a die to roll to correspond to topics or use the alternative method of asking the players to choose (named 'Players Choice') once the topic has been chosen the first question is given.

The first to get the question correct wins and can then pick someone to steal a coin off of, they then gain their coin and the process continues until someone has all the coins. If you have no more coins in the game then you are out!

As said, the one who wins is the person with all the coins at the end, if time is pushed you can alter the rules whereby you take two coins at a time etc.

Game Layout